Thursday, December 26, 2013

Etude's Hand Bouquet Hand & Heel Cream

Another birthday gift from the girlfriend !
Received this Etude's Hand Bouquet Hand & Heel Cream with 5% Shea Butter , 
together with a pair of hand and foot mask ! (Which I have yet to try out)

As you all should know,
 I am a big fan of Etude's rotating eyebrow pencil.
I've blogged about my eyebrow tutorial with the Etude eyebrow pencil here !

Anyway, today's review gonna be on the Hand and Heel Cream !
Actually before using this cream, 
I went to google about the reviews, 
to my surprise, most of the reviews are extremelyyyyy good ! :) 
Woots yay !

I went to G-market to look at the price.
I think its plus or minus around $12 sgd for a 100ml tube of cream.

Look at the packaging, 
how can anyone not like it?!?!?

Pros :

Love the packaging ! 
Grey, pink and florals will never go wrong.
It comes with a squeezable tube which is really convenient to use
 (compared to those hard containers)

Moisturising and hydrating to the skin!
I have kinda dry and cracked heels.
 I usually apply to the hands and heels before bed,
and guess what?
My hands are okay but
my heels are sooooo soft and smooth the next morning I swear.

Not oily 
Yeessss not oily at all !

Love the frangrance
It has a very light scent,
kinda like a baby powder smell (:

All those reviews are TRUE. 
It's a really good hand cream, 
but it's a even better heel cream !

So affordable 
For a big tube like that, oh come on it's so worth it.


Takes a few mins to absorb into the skin
Yes it does feels a lil bit oily when you first applied, 
but give it a few mins it will absorb readily into the skin ,
and no more oiliness !

Would I repurchase?
Definitely ! I would really recommend this to those who has really dry heels and has limited budget to invest on a good and branded cream. This is what you need girl. It would be great for guys too! 

Good luck xoxo (:

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Rich Girl Red

A new lipstick to my collection !
Received this as a birthday present,
chosen by a very good friend of mine *wink*
le girlfriend knows best uh.

I love love love lippies
Especially from Revlon's.
And I'm gonna be reviewing on the 
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Rich Girl Red .
( Love the name btw)

I guess the price of it is most probably the usual price where 
I got my other Revlon's which is around RM30++.
You can easily get it from Watson/Guardian.


As you can see from the swatch, the colour is very sheer even after a few swatches on. 
I have a lipstick from Revlon, the Kiss me coral, which I have reviewed on in my previous post,
which the colour looks somehow similar,
both are orangy red
only that the Kiss me Coral is much more opaque ! 

Left, Kiss me Coral; Right, Rich girl Red.

Casual wednesday, just the brows and lippies , you're good to go !

Pros :

Sheer ! Pulls it off well with jeans and t-shirt. 
Suitable for people who wants a very natural look without looking too red or too pale.

Good formula! Not drying at all .
Some lipsticks make your lips peel, this one doesn't (: 



Doesn't really stay very long on the lips.
Need to touch-up after meals and I honestly wouldn't mind.

Like what it says on the packaging, it "Shines". 
Because I personally like matte lipstick more, 
I would use a tissue and gently dap on my lips to make it less shiner.

Would I repurchase ?
Yes , its a good lipstick !

Good Luck (:

To purchase from Amazon, click below!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

SOAP & GLORY Beginner's Luxe Set

Today's gonna be a quick and short one ! (:

I received this SOAP & GLORY Beginner's Luxe Set as a birthday gift from my friends.
I'm telling you.
I'm loving it.

I have a very good impression of Soap and Glory because
I used to own a Lip Gloss from them called the Sexy Mother Pucker ,
which until now I still love it ALOT.
So apparently from the name "SOAP"and Glory,
I suppose they are like super famous for their body butter and stuff.

Hmm because it's a birthday gift,  
so please don't mind that I googled the price of it because I'm writing a review on it hehe.
So I went to the Sephora website in US and the price was $30 USD ( but it's worth $45 )
Converted to SGD it's probably less than 40 sgd .
You can easily get it at any Sephora outlets (:

First of all, 
the packing is soooooo lovely which comes in a cosmetic/toiletries bag !
I mean how can anyone not like it?!?! 

" This cute collection of classic Soap & Glory favorites features three of their best-loved original formulas, including a full-size body butter, all scented with their Original Pink™ fragrance, plus a handy pair of scrub gloves and an adorable cosmetic bag decked out in a pink Union Jack design. This set is a great introduction to Soap & Glory and the perfect gift for anyone who wants smooth, delicate, touchable skin. "

This set contains: 
- 2.5 oz Clean On Me™ Shower Gel 
- 1.69 oz The Scrub of Your Life™ Body Buffer 
- 10.1 oz The Righteous Body Butter™ 
- White exfoliating gloves 
- Cosmetic bag

Okay let's be honest. I have a huge obsession with cosmetic pouch :)
Palm size cute bottles

Pros :

I love the body scrub and the body butter !

Scrub of your life :There's very cute little tiny pink particles in the body scrub !!!!! 
Plus after scrubbing all over, my skin feels soooo clean and smooth !

The Righteous Butter : Ahhhhh my favourite among the 3 products! 
First of all, it smells soooooo nice, seriously.
I don't really know how to describe the scent but it just smells so nice and sweet I swear.
( I cannot stop sniffing my arms after I've applied it lolol)
It's not sticky and oily or whatsoever. 
Plus, you only need a coin size to apply all over the body, which a HUGE tube like that can last you very long I suppose.


Clean of me shower gel: Nothing special about the shower gel. The fragrance is the same as the other 2 but just that after you wash off with water the fragrance doesn't really stay on the body.

Kinda pricey :/

Would I repurchase ?

Yessss ! I'm loving the fragrance ! 

More reviews coming up . Stay tuned !
Good Luck ! 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Kiehl's Lipbalm #1 original .

Despite my busy schedule, I'd really want to share this product with you girls today.
Because I find this lipbalm extremely goooooooood (:

Because I am a lipstick sucker, lips to me, is an important deal.
 I mean you wouldn't want ugly looking dry cracked lips when you have your lipstick on right?
So this is where lipbalm comes in.

Previously I have been using Burt's bee lipbalm which I've blogged about before and I really loved it. 
Yet when I started using  Kiehl's , I fell in love with it immediately.
But , both of them works differently so I'll definitely still be using both of them !

My boyfriend's sister gave this to me. 
I googled and the price is more or less 13 SGD ? (15ml)
From what I've read, this comes in different scene, mine is the original.

Palm sized tube.

Back .

It's colourless.

Well, this lipbalm is MADNESS !
I love love love love how it feels on my lips. 
It's so so so moisturizing.
However, it feels more like a lipgloss than a lip balm as it's glossy ( you can see from the picture above).
But the glossiness doesn't last very long as I guess it would eventually be absorbed into your lips !
That's how you get hydrated and moisturizing lips (:

I love to apply them before bed, and trust me,
you'll wake up having kissable baby lips.
Yes seriously.

I do sometimes apply them before lipstick, 
but only for those lipstick that are tend to be kinda drying like the Revlon Pink Pout Lipstick.
But I still love the lipstick and it's colour though !
If not, I'll still stick to my burt bee's lipbalm because it's waxy it goes better with lipsticks.

You should try too if you have dry and cracked lips all the time !

Would I repurchase?

Good luck (:

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick ; Matte in Pink Pout.

As I've said I'm a absolute sucker for lipstick, 
I got myself another matte lipstick from Revlon last night .
Actually it was my boyfriend who brought me shopping cos I was under huge stress due to school :/
#bestboyfriendever (:

I've been deciding either to get Primrose or Pink Pout, both from Revlon.
I wanted to try something pink this time.
The colours for both are somehow similar but then Pink Pout is matte.
So I went to Guardian and I could only see Pink Pout available and it was the last one already!
In a way it's good because I was still very undecisive on which to get.

So, I got my Revlon Lustrous Lipstick , Matte 002 in Pink Pout from Guardian for $13.90 sgd.

Pink Pout

Matte 002 .
Looking pretty isnt it.

Close up swatch

Let's get started first.
And as always, prepare your lips with a coat of lipbalm !

As usual, I always prefer to dap on it, instead on swiping the entire stick over lips.
Done dapping. This gives a very barbie pink yet appears kinda nude at the same time.

I think it's because my skintone is kind of fair, 
and pale looking lip colour isnt really my thing
so I added some tiny llittle tony molly lip tint on it to give it more pink.
( Scroll down to the left side bar to see my tonymolly liptint review)

After some liptint mixed , appears to be slightly more vibrant.


A very sweet barbie pink and sometimes appears nude ! 
( If you have ton skintone, it'll probably look great on you )

It's matte !
 ( I love matte lipstick)

Opaque , very rich in colour.

Creamy consistancy, very easy to apply.

Best to wear with heavy eyemakes.


It might be a lil drying to the lips.

Will accentuates the lipline if too much is applied.

Don't think it'll look very nice on people with very fair skintone 
( doesn't really compliment your skin)

Would I repurchase ?

Most probably not. 
But no doubt it's a really nice colour.
Because I think I've come into conclusion that vibrant colours suit me more as I have quite fair skintone.

To buy from Amazon, click below!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Etude House Color Me Nude & Gradient Lips tutorial

Hi there !
 I'm still as eager as always to post my review everytime !

So recently there's this very In-thing among the koreans
called the " Gradient Lips " or they call it " Bitten lips " too.
which looks somehow like the pictures below ( Not mine )

O M G Isn't it gorgeous?!?
 I fell in love almost immediately.
And so I went youtube and watched some videos .
Some people make it so complicated with sooooo many layers to apply.
Oh come on ! 
 I'm telling you now, 
All you need is 3 simple steps.

But before we start, 
there's one thing that is very important to make the gradient lips a success 
which is a Lip Concealer !
So what I'll be reviewing today will be the Color Me Nude from Etude House.

Etude House Color Me Nude


What is a lip concealer ? Why do I need it?

Basically a lip concealer is like a cream to cover up your natural lip colour 
in order to really bring out the colour of your lipstick. 
Or some girls like nude lips 
so they can just wear this and coat it with a gloss and they're ready to go.
( I once wore just the lip concealer out and my friend thought I was sick because I looked so pale lol )

The funny thing is that I actually bought this product like 4 years ago
and I used to really hate it ( due to wrong application and I really didn't now when to use it)
And only now I'm starting to fall in love with it. 
Anyway I got it for about less than RM20 if I'm not mistaken ???

Alright let's get started first.

The bare lips ( with lip balm applied )

Very lightly dap the lip concealer onto your lips . Then , blend it with your fingers ( this is super important )

Done. You can see that the coverage is pretty good.

Okay now proceeding to the tutorial of the Gradient lips.
I'm gonne be using the Tony Molly Water Jelly Lip Tint in Pomegranate.
( This was like the first product I did a review on on my blog.
 If you wanna read it, scroll down to the bottom on the side bar on your left ! )

And using this ....

Dap only on the inner part of your upper and lower lips.

Then blend it with your fingers.

Alright you're almost done ! Now add a coat of clear gloss and you're done !

Remember to use a clear gloss.
DONE ! As simple as that .

I am madly in love with this gradient lips thingy, it's like a freaking genius.

Pros :

Color Me Nude has a very creamy consistency ,
making it easy to apply.

No frangance.

Good coverage.

One tiny lip concealer can last you a veeeeeery time long
 because you don't need to apply alot of them each time.
So I guess it's a good investment.

Cons :

Might be drying to the lips.

Will sink into the lip lines 
and it can look so so so ugly.
That's why it's so important to just dap a small amout on your lips
 and blend it with fingers instead of swipping it on like a normal lipstick.
Oh, lip balm prior to it is a must too !

Would I repurchase?

It's a good product , but I guess I won't because I'd want to try something new (:

Hope you've learnt something new today. Good luck (:

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