Tuesday, July 12, 2016

5 must-buy cosmetics in Korea

It has been ages since I've written my last post ! And now having the time to write reminds me of how much I love writing and sharing good products. 

So a few months ago I went to Korea for pleasure, of course. As all of you girls know, Korea equals to cosmetic paradise. Perhaps not the plastic surgery kind of cosmetic for me personally, but the real cosmetics products. 

And being a cosmetics fan, trust me when I say I've spent a bomb on them. Before flying to Kimchi-land (and as the usual me), I've been doing my handwork and reading tones of reviews on the best cosmetics to buy from Korea.  If you're on a budget, it can be really tough to decide on what to buy so that you're not missing out. To make your life easier and with much consideration, I've decided to write a post on the Top 5 cosmetics you must buy from Korea (in my opinion though).

1. Innisfree No-sebum mineral powder

This Innisfree No-sebum mineral powder is #1 on my list. Having oily skin and forever oily t-zone, this is literally my life saver. So what it basically does is that it mattifies your face and for me, it really made my face oil-free for the entire day (I am not exaggerating). The one in green container is non-tinted. It is just white powder and when you apply it on your face it is basically colourless. I like to apply after my liquid foundation. For the one in white container, it is tinted with beige-coloured powder. 

Damage: Around 9 SGD, worth every penny. 


2. Skin Food black sugar series 

The Skin Food black sugar series has so many good reviews on them ! Because currently I have too many facial mask, I've yet to try out both the wash off mask. But just looking at the online reviews make me so excited already. A few days ago I started using the bottle of Black Sugar Scrub Foam. I remember my first reaction when I scrub it on my face was, WOW. It smells sooooo good and after scrubbing it on my face, my skin feels so smooth and clean, really. I love it, too much. For me I use them every other day. Now my boyfriend is secretly using my facial scrub too lol. 

Damage: Around 9-15 SGD ( can't really remember) 


 3. Innisfree Jeju Volcanic pore clay mask

This is definitely one of my favourite mask. I feel that it really cleanse your skin deep down inside and after washing off my skin feels extremely clean. I use it once a week. And I been recommending my friends to purchase!

Damage: Around 30 SGD


4. Banila co Clean it Zero.

Other than loving my all time favourite make up remover from Bifesta (read here), the Banila co Clean it Zero make up remover is as good as well. I love how it removes my make up without having to use a cotton wool. It is convenient and it is able to remove my make up with just a small amount of the product without feeling oily or anything. However, it does not remove waterproof mascara. If only it can, I'd be over the moon.  

Damage: Around 20 SGD (kinda pricey as compared to my Bifesta though)


5. Some cosmetics brand that are not originated from Korea ?

While I was doing some window shopping in the airport in Jeju, I chance upon some cosmetics counters such as Clarins, Shiseido, MAC, YSL ect.  Weirdly, surprisingly, the things they sell there are much cheaper than in Singapore/ Malaysia. For example, Clarins' UV plus is selling for around 72 SGD (provided if you buy it in Changi airport) in Singapore and around RM260 in Malaysia. I wanted to buy the other time, but I find it too expensive, hence I chose Shiseido's Wet Force instead. Believe it or not, the Clarins' UV Plus was selling roughly around 50-55 SGD only in Jeju airport ! Of course, I grab 2 immediately. 
Same to Shiseido's wet force UV, it was relatively cheaper in Korea. While in Singapore, I got mine around 60 SGD, while in the Korea they sold it roughly around 40 SGD. $20 dollars is a lot of difference!


Hope this post helps for those planning to go Korea or those who are now in Korea and currently googling what cosmetics to buy in Korea. Enjoy, xoxo. 

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