Sunday, July 28, 2013

MAC most favourite powder blush .

Weeeeeeeee ! I just highlighted the underpart of my hair with PINK !
Took quite awhile to finally succumb to my temptation because my hairdresser kept telling me how bad is it to bleach my hair since mine's already so dry. 
But my awesome boyfriend gave me his support and say you only live once. 
Oh my god I love you . heheh.

Anyway I did mine for RM 50 ! (:

Okay done talking about the hair !
I have a fantastic cosmetic to review on today !

Well every girl's dream ( okay maybe not every girl, but mine ) is to own tonessss of MAC cosmetics!
But hell yeah it's so freaking expensive. 
I mean unless you are filthy rich la
 if not how can you afford buying so many of it while drugstore cosmetics 
are sometimes equally good as well.

And of course, today's product is gonna be from MAC.
I happen to own this MAC blusher which I totally adore.
And if you've been reading my blog,
 you should know I alwaysss read tones of reviews and videos on youtube before purchasing them.

So after reading the so-many-good-reviews on blogs plus 
The Top 10/ Top 5 favourite MAC blush on youtube ,
 I finally decided to get this MAC powder blush in DAME.
Actually it was a gift from a friend as he knew I've been eyeing on it.
I googled and it's 21 USD , which is roughly RM 68 each.

MAC powder blush in DAME.

" Satin falls perfectly in between matte and shimmer. It’s shinier than matte, but not nearly as shiny as a shimmer. "

It's a very very pale pink .
Okay i know. Hardly visible with one swatch.

Dame has a very nice soft pale baby doll pink that looks very natural and healthy on your skin .
 It's suitable for all skin type especially fair skin. 
It can definitely be the everyday-go-to blush as it's almost matte.

Let's get started.

As usual, start off with the naked face. 
Foundation checked. Brows checked. 
Getting my blush brush.
Smile and dap it on.

Done ( with Iphone front camera )
Finsh look ( with Iphone back camera )

Close up ( note how natural it looks , so prettyyyy )


Very very natural for a every day look.

Super pretty pale pink

Pulls it off well with any make up looks
 ( especially when I'm wearing red lipstick because you don't want to have to many colours on your face )


Kinda pricey

Need to swirl on the blush with your brush for quite a handful of times to really get the pink on your skin because it might be too sheer.

Not very long staying power ( probably 4-6 hours ? )

Would I repurchase ?

I mean if I have the money, why not ?

Good luck (:

To  buy from Amazon, click below!

Monday, July 22, 2013

L'oreal Excellence Creme Hair Dye

Hello ! It has been ages since I last updated due to my busy schedules. 
And I have to say I am so super overwhelmed by the number of views I've gotten even without updating ;
more than eleven-thousand so far ! 
I am so happy that people out there are reading my blog reviews just like I'm reading other's all the time before I purchase an item.

So recently I went to Jusco and I saw the Loreal Hair dye on promotion. 
It was RM28.90 each.
I've been looking for a DIY hair dye since quite awhile because 
the last time I dyed my hair was like more than 6 months ago in a saloon. 
So without research, I just grabbed a reddish colour which from the packing looks quite tempting.

L'oreal Exellence Creme in 5.6 Light Red Brown
The red in here looks hot.
The insides.
My hair colour BEFORE dying ( Dark brown black ? idk ) 

Just follow the instructions inside and ask your girlfriends to do for you !
And my girlfriends are my mum and sis hehehe.
AFTER photo. Ikr you dont have to tell me it looks black in the photo.........
This is my AFTER DYED hair under the sunlight.

I think the only thing I liked about this product is the hair condition that comes together with the hair dye ,
because it made my hair reallyyyyyyy smoothe after washing.

Oh yeah, and it's also afforable lah.

( Maybe a small tinnnnny winnnnnny yes when I'm under the sunlight )
It's like totally different from what they've promised ! 
Liar, cheater. Cheat my feelings , Cheat my money. 

Would I repurchase?
NO.  NO. NO.

Okay I've learnt my lesson. This is what happen when a girl doesnt do her research before buying things. I will never never never buy anything anymore without reading reviews. This is not a happy post I'm gonna end it k bye.