Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Everyday Eyebrow Tutorial

As requested by an instagramer, I'll be doing an eyebrow tutorial today ! 

What I'm using for my daily eyebrow look is an étude eyebrow rotating pencil , eyebrow powder from Arezia ( I got mine from a friend , I think you can get it from Sasa ) , and a small brush.

1. Using the eyebrow pencil , draw a line underneath your eyebrow . Make sure you draw it longer at the ends so that you get that " perfect brow" look .

2. Draw the upper front part of your eyebrow just to get the shape so it'll be easier for you to fill it in with powder later .

3. Dap your brush with both browns, just fill in the remaining parts of your eyebrows .

4. For the front part , I like to paint it outwards , as in nearer to your nose , so that it'll look more natural .

5. Remember to brush over your brows so that it won't look so dark and makes it more natural.

 And there you have it . My everyday eyebrow look . Good luck (:

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