Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Burt's Bees Lipbalm

I cannot live without a lip balm.
Like seriously.

 I can't stress enough the importance of a lipbalm !
My lips would be so dry and ugly because mine dries and peels very easily especially after meal.
Then I will be like keep peeling off the skin which is super unglam but I really cannot take it.

I have tried quite a few different brands of lipbalm ,
like banana boat's , the mentholatum's .
And they always end up in my fridge ( not using them anymore )
I think it's probably because I dont like the smell of it and also the feeling on my lips.

So all the while I've been googling for good lip balm
and I happen to read MANY excellent reviews about this Burt's Bees Lip Balm.
People say it works magically and that's the ONLY thing they ever needed.
Then I was like " Oh really....."

From the packaging through internet, it seems expensive.
So I did not bother to find out it's price.
And I didn't know where I could get it.

Quite awhile ago I went to this Sephora Warehouse sale in Singapore
and I saw them on freaking sale !
Believe me I was jumping and hoping around and shouting Oh My God all the way.
It was in a pack of 3 for $7 SGD only which even came in a nice metal container !!

Took photo of a new stick just to show you guys, because ...
My current one the paper koyak . meaning I use very often okay.
It's clear , colourless, 

It's like the absoulte best lipbalm ever, like ever .
Here's the  reason why :

 1. It's minty ! which gives my lips a tingle and makes my breath stay fresh.

2. Great waxy texture , which makes my lips feels naked yet protected.

3. Excellent moisturizer for lips. My lips doesn't crack anymore everytime after applying even after meal.

4. Pleasant scent.

5. It's made from very natural products

When do I apply ?

1. Every single time before applying lipstick/lipgloss/lip tint.

2. Every night before bed.

3. As and when my lips feels dry throughout the day.

Oh , you can get it in Sephora for less than RM20 each stick.

In a nutshell,
 I find that Burt's Bees Beeswax Lipbalm is a  natural lip balm that's effective for every day use !

Would I repurchase ?
Yes, definitely.

Click picture below to purchase from Amazon (:

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