Thursday, April 25, 2013


You know once in a while you buy something.
At first you didn't like it at all.
But after awhile when you use it again, you fell in love with it just like that! *Snap fingers*
Yes, this happened to me to this NYX's Gloss , in 30 sorbet.

 Oh, I got it at my school's atrium sale at around SGD5-6.
I remember quite cheap , because that's the reason I bought it.
If I'm not mistaken you can buy NYX products from Far East.

Shade in 30 sorbet

NYX Gloss.
Pretty baby pink !
How can you not love a pink like that?

Let's get started.

The naked lips.

Swipe that Gloss on !

Done. ( I hate my pimple. I hate it )
Wear it with a smile :)

Here's what I think about this NYX gloss.

A very pretty shade of pink
Shimmer, not glittery 
Long staying power (even after meal )
Very afforable

Has a very strong lemon(?) smell which I don't really adore
Shows your drying lips line if large amount applied

The reason why I did not like it at first is because 
I applied quite alot on my lips.
Hence it showed my drying lips line and also a very strong smell.
However after a few tries I realized the lesser gloss I applied, the nicer it looked on me.
It gives a very nice and natural pink ! 
Trust me, it's really nice.

Would I repurchase?
Probably not because of the lemony smell :/ But if you're a lemon person, you should get one.

Good luck (:

Friday, April 19, 2013

L'elan Vital Beauty Case for Eyes and Cheeks.

 ' Never ever again underestimate things unless you've tried them
is what I've learnt after trying this product selling in Cosway.
Because honestly these brands that are selling in Cosway aren't that well known 
as compared to the other cosmetics.

However I received this from my aunt's friends who happened to own a Cosway shop,
but they are moving to a bigger place, 
so they gave me PLENTY of new testers !  

And today I NEED to introduce you girls to this new favourite toy of mine . 
L'elan Vital Beauty Case for Eyes and Cheeks 
It's like THE perfect eyeshadow palette every girls should own.

Ahhhh Beautiful casing .
Don't you just love the colours ?!
Close up.

Random swatches.

Some of the colours are matte. Yet some are shimmery.
But don't you just adore it?! 
The colours are so super nice and so wearable !
And I'm telling you I'm loving the pink and peachy blusher too.

Googled this pic. Price is in AUD

You can buy it at any Cosway shop at the price around RM78 ( Maybe even cheaper ) .

Let's get started.

Step 1 : Choose a  matte nude colour .
Paint over the entire lid as drawn.

Step 2 : It depends on your mood and ootd . Today I feel like wearing a very neautral tone.

Dap over the area I've drawn.
Step 3 : Choose a dark brown colour for contouring.
Using an angled brush , apply a small amount on that area. Esp on your double eyeline.
Make it darker at the ends of your double eyelids , it'd really make it more obvious and nicer.
This step of contouring makes a huge difference !
Step 4 : Choose a white eyeshadow.
Apply just underneath your brows to make it more define.
Apply at this small area too to make your eyes appear bigger.
Step 5 : Brush on that blush !
DONE ! (:

First of all , I love how pigmented the eyeshadows are !
2 swaps and you can get it's colour on nicely.
FYI , I have oily lids.
I hate eyeshadows that crease
 ( meaning that you can see a visible line on your lids because 
after a few hours out our lids tend to be oily )

Besides , the lasting power of the eyeshadow and blusher are really good ! 
They can last me the whole entire day out without retouching. 

Would I repurchase ?
YES !!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Kanebo T'estimo Essence Pure Rouge

So, a few weeks ago my big aunt gave me this brand new
 Kanebo T'estimo  Essence Pure Rouge in RD-139.

If you do not know, T'estimo is one of the downline of Kanebo's too .

The packaging looks so pretty in this slim silver classy casing.


Ahh how gorgeous.

Pinkish red with that slight shimmer .

Because it's a gift, so I really do not know the exact price.
But I know you can get it at any Kanebo counter at the price more or less around RM80.

Let's get started.

Start off with the naked lips.

Glide it on ! LOVE IT .

Don't forget to wear it with a smile (:
It has a super creamy consistency that seriously glides on your lips effortlessly.
And because it's creamy, it doesn't dry out your lips !
Yet however because it's creamy, it doesnt stay on long ( unless you do not eat/drink for hours? )
I'd need to touch-up my lipstick after every meal but I really wouldnt mind honestly.

Besides, the colour is so preeeeeetty !
Not too shimmery nor glossy.
Very suitable for the natural everyday-look.

 Would I repurchase ?
I don't think so. Because it's kinda expensive :/ but I love this product !

* I am a ultra sucker for lipstick now ! I want to buy lipstick every where I go. Oh god.
 Now I'm eyeing for the Revlon Matte Red lipstick in Really Red. I NEED TO GET IT.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Maybelline Eyestudio Master Liner Cream Pencil

Maybelline Eyestudio Master Liner Cream Pencil in Brown.
is one of the product which I absolutely love and can't wait to share with you girls! 

I've tried quite a few pencil liner , so far I can say this is the best .

Mine, almost finishing.

I've used for quite awhile hence the wordings faded already. 
But not to worry I've taken a picture from google.

Maybelline Master Liner ( Picture Not mine )

If I were given a choice to choose between black or dark brown liner ,
I'd definitely go for the latter.
Because brown liner look less bold and more natural !
It's like freaking pretty lah.
If you haven't tried before, please please please try now !

Got mine at a Watson sale for less than RM20.

It has a creamy and pigmented consistency that glides on with ease.
After giving a few forceful rubs.

Let's get started.

Naked eyes.

For me , I always like to start drawing my eyeliner from the middle.
From the middle, draw towards the end first.
Then only draw the front part ( nearer to the nose )
I like to draw slightly longer at the ends to make my eyes " pop" .
Less than a minute and we're done .

Why I like this product :

1. Creamy, yet not too creamy. 
If an eyeliner is way too creamy , trust me , it would smudge like madin no time.

2. Long staying hours.
 I'd leave the house early in the morning and coming back home at night with the eyeliner still on it.

3. Smudge proof !! 
Which makes it very suitable for tightlining/waterlining. 
 However I realized whenever I use it to tightline , 
it'd smudge a tiny little bit under my lower lid which can be easily wipe off with a piece of tissue.

4. Not too bold.
Suitable for everyday look without bringing too much attention to the eyes.
Thats how I'd usually wear it with my glasses.

5. Rotating pencil 
Just twist . Super convenient.
No need to sharpen.

6. User friendly for beginners.
Easy to draw. 
Can be easily removed if there's any mistakes.
Girls who are new or suck at drawing eyeliner is adviced to practice with an eyeliner pencil first 
before using the more challenging ones ( Liquid or Gel liner )

*PS : For me , I like to keep my eyeliner thin , because thicker lines make my eyes look smaller.

Would I repurchase?
Definitely !

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Etude House Color My Brows

I think everyday I get more and more addicted to cosmetics. 
Everytime I see sales I buy them like a vampire sucking blood. 
Never enough.

Last week while I was window shopping at Gurney Plaza Penang, 
luck was on my side and I freaking saw Etude House was on 1-for-1 sale !

And of course the first thing I grabbed was the Etude Drawing Eyebrow Pencil la 
as you know I am madly in love with.
Then I saw this Color My Brows thingy next to it.
I feel that I need to get this if not I will be sorry. 
And so I took.
I got it in 2 shades ;
Shade 1 ( dark brown ) , Shade 2  ( Light brown )

Usual price RM29.90 each.

However today I'm gonna review on 1 shade only which is Shade 1 ( the dark brown )
It has a mascara-alike packaging.
It's wand. Totally like a mascara's.
How it looks on the skin. It's like a  brown mascara .

 Apparently this thingy is called a Brow Mascara.
So basically what a brow mascara does is that it colors your brow, 
making it more brownish, 
and also makes your eyebrow powder/ pencil last longer throughout the day.

 Let's get started.

As usual, start with a naked brow .
Yes, naked.
What I'll be using is my all time fav " Drawing eyebrow #02 from Etude " , and also our experiment product " Color my brows #1"
So this photo shows I've done one side of my brow with the  " Etude Drawing Eyebrow ". Please click from the side bar to see my eyebrow tutorial if you haven't.
Close up. Basically the Drawing Eyebrow in #02 is kinda on the greyish side. Yet I have dyed brown hair,  so it doesn't really matches.
Make sure the wand has minimal gel on it by scrapping the gel at the side of the tube.
So just brush it in one direction .
Left :  With Color My Brows.                                             Right : Without.
Huge difference eh ?

Viola .

 Basically I feel that with this Color my Brows, 
it gives me a more softer brow
and pulls out a more natural look for me.
 And it does stays on for the entire day for sure.

One thing you really have to take note of is not to apply/brush too much of the gel on the brows 
because it will sort of make your brows clump together and it does look hideous. 
So always remember, just a little gel is enough.

 Would I repurchase ?

 Good luck (:

To buy from Amazon, click below !