Monday, April 8, 2013

Kate Lasting high coverage Powder Foundation

So recently I bought this Kate Lasting high coverage Powder Foundation ,
but the one I'm currently using from Testimo's ( under Kanebo)  havent finished yet..
Well you see..

It freaking crackeeeeeeeed !
Reason is because when I flew to Taiwan I put this in my check-in luggage then you know
those people in the airport just throw your lugagge like a roti prata.
So, lesson learnt ;
Always hand carry your powder foundation.

So i googled ! Found out that Kate's lasting high coverage powder foundation
has received plenty of good comments !
Anyway I feel good about Kate's products because
it's one of the down line of Kanebo's ( but the more afforable version )
so it cannot be that bad.

Got it from Watson for around RM50.
But it doesnt include the casing ( you can purchase it too together with the powder foundation )
My current casing is from Kanebo's so Kate's fits in perfectly.

I picked OC-C because it matches more to my skintone

It came with a nicely packed sponge.

Tips on choosing the right tone of foundation for you ;
1. Test on your jawline
2. Test on your forehead.
Make sure it matches your skintone nicely.
You don't want to be looking like a ghost or an awkwardly face-tanned girl.

Let's get started.

Start off with a naked face ( Naked face doesn't mean without toner, moisturizer and sunblock okay )


From the picture you can tell I have just a little bit of dark eye circles. I don't usually use an eye concealer. I have experienced using it but I did not liked it be because it shows out the lines area my eyes and it's hideous. Or maybe I just havent found the really good eye concealer. Anyone mind sharing any?

So just dap your sponge into the powder foundation and paint on your face !

And Done.

So basically, I love the OC-C tone because it matches my skin perfectly.
For the word Coverage, yes it does moderately covers up
some redness and the darkness around the eyes.
However, it can only last me 6-8 hours because
I need to re-touchup again as my skin would look oily already by then.
It doesn't have any frangance which I would rather prefer.

As you've seen above , thats my everyday make up routine.
I would normally choose to use powder foundation rather than liquid's.
Reason is because I feel that liquid ones are like more harmful as in really enters your pores.
Imagine you doing that everyday , your pores would be really clogged.
But I do use liquid ones only for occasions so that my makeup would last me longer.

Would I repurchase?
Probably not. But I am happy about this product.

Good luck (:


  1. hey pretty! :)
    just want to ask any concealer to recommend? for blemish? how about covering up pore? any recommendation? haha thanks! love reading your reviews! stay awesome! :D

  2. Hey babe i don't really use a concealer but I googled and think Maybelline's mineral concealer is rather not bad ! And thanks for reading (: