Friday, August 9, 2013

Benefit's Cheek and Lips tint: Posietint

I've got my very first benefit cosmetic !!! 

So , I went KL last week ( One Utama) and I saw a Benefit shop ! 
I immediately went berserk and I dragged my bf into the shop . 
I was very welcomed by a young lady who was asking me what I was looking for.

Actually I had no idea . 
I just saw on the Internet before that quite alot of people say that Benefit is famous for its blush !

Then this girl introduced me the Benefit Cheek and Lip tint
I was in a dilemma to choose between the Benetint ( redder ) and Posietint ( pinker) .
She gave me a test on the back of my palm and also my lips.
After much hesitation , I finally decided on Posietint as pink is nicer for my fair complexion .

Besides, the sales girl recommended me their star product which is their Primer which when I tested seems super good to use lah.
I think I'm gonna own them sooner or later.

Anyway I've got a 12.5ml bottle of Posietint for RM125.

I took a photo right after stepping out of the shop.
I had a Love At First Sight crush right after the first swipe on my lips with Posietine.

So this is how the packaging looks like.
It's like so freaking pretty laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah omg.

The super ultra pretty barbie pink bottle !!!!plus an instruction paper.
Palm size.
It's like a nail polish bottle with the same brush. Looks like a barbie pink here .
MADLY in love with the sweet barbie pink.

Well, let's get started first ! :)

As usual, the naked face.
Powder foundation checked, eyebrows checked.
Naked lips.

So, what the Benefit girl taught me is that to paint a few strokes of the pink on your fingers first,
then only dap it onto your cheeks.
( so as to make sure that you don't get patches of pink on your cheek because
it dries out very fast so you need to blend super fast , like within 5 seconds.)

As for the lips, I just directly apply a few dots on my lips and even it with my fingers.

Photos below are my cheek and lips with Posietint .

Another shot.

Close up.

Me with Benefit's Posietint.

Posietint does stain your fingers a little,but I can totally live with it.

Below are photos when I'm having my lazy day make-up
Meaning no foundation , just eyebrows and blush ( Posietint )

Just applied.
After more than 10 hours outdoor, it still looks very pinkish !

Alright done with the photos, let's get back to business.


LOVE LOVE LOVE the pinkish tone on my face,
giving me a very natural blush!!!

Super duper long lasting ( even with sweat and oil ) , 
definitely more more more than 12 hours. 
This is like the best thing already.

No shimmer. 
Suitable for a everyday look .

No fragrance.
Suitable for sensitive skin I guess ?

Doesn't dry out with lips .
Seriously if you're using it as a lip tint, you'll like it because it doesn't make your lips peel !

Cons :

Kinda pricey.
 But however the girl told me that a bottle of that can roughly last me about 8 months ! 
So I think it's kinda worth it.

Need to practice a few times to learn to apply fast 
because when I first tried to apply I realized I'm not fast enough hence I got some pinky patches .

The pink is kinda sheer when using on lips .
Hence you need to like apply 2 layers to really get the pink to show up.
Other alternative,  use it with a lip concealer.

Would I repurchase ?


Good Luck (:

To purchase from Amazon, simply click below !

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