Friday, March 29, 2013

The Odbo Sleeping Pack

A friend of mine went to Korea a few months ago.
And I asked her to get me the very famous
"Laneige sleeping pack " for me but I think it was out of stock or something.
Then she asked me if I wanted to try The Odbo sleeping pack,
I agreed because I went to give it a quick google and found out that the review was good as well.

So, The Odbo sleeping pack claims to provide overnight moist skin for dry/rough skin.

And if your question is where to buy ? How much is it? Well, I did my homework (:

Apparently you can buy a bottle of 50mls online on G-market for around $55 SGD.

 So the instructions on the package writes :
 Take an adequate amount onto the face before bed and massage
Spead even enough to be absorbed into the skin
You may wash it with warm water the next morning
( I'll use it like once a week )

I am just squeezing out for the sake of taking the picture , so forgive me for the tiny bit.

So it's a clear liquid that can be absorbed easily into the skin.
Not sticky or whatever.
It doesn't carry much frangrance.

This is my just got out of bed look with my Odbo Sleeping pack applied last night.

I love how my skin feels !
I feel that my skin is very hydrated and smoothe.
Like a baby skin seriously.
And how my boyfriend would say it, " Toi Toi "
I think this is a super good product for people with dry skin
or in cold weather where your skin tends to be kinda dry.

Overall, I love it !
Good luck (:


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