Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sephora Makeup Academy Palette Review

There's this really good stuff that 
I really need to recommend you girls out there to purchase !
(especially for makeup beginners !)

Received this Sephora Makeup Academy Palette from a friend as a birthday present last year ,
and I nearly fainted on the spot. 

Only by looking at the box itself makes me wanna cry 
because the colours are so pretty !

You can easily grab it at any Sephora outlets for the price of $69 SGD (if I'm not mistaken)

Box (front)
Box (sides)
Box (sides)
Box (back; the different types of looks you can achieve with this palette )
Sephora Makeup Academy Palette

Let's name it the Left Wing, the Middle Wing and the Right Wing.
The sides.

Alright let's do some swatches ! (;
Let's start from the Middle Wing (My fav wing) !
In the Middle Wing it consists of 72 shades of eyeshadows.
From matte to shimmer to glitter! 
You name it you have it. 

Colours from the Upper Middle Wing.
Random swatches from the Upper Middle Wing (eyeshadow)

Colours from the Lower Middle Wing
Random swatches from the Lower Middle Wing (eyeshadow)

Now, some swatches from the Right Wing. 
In the Right Wing, you'll have a lip primer, and 28 shades of lipsticks and lip glosses !

Right Wing.
Right Wing
Right Wing (close-up)
Random swatches from the Right Wing (lip colours)

Now, we have the Left Wing
You'll find an eye-primer, 3 shades of concealer, 6 blushers (5 powder-based and 1 creamy) and 
18 shades of creamy eyeshadow/eyeliner. 

Left Wing. 
Left Wing.
Random swatches from the Left Wing (creamy eyeshadow/eyeliner)
Random swatches from the Left Wing ( Blushers)
Left Wing ( Concealer close-up)

This palette comes with 4 tiny brushes ! 
3 for eyeshadows and 1 for lips application.

Eyeshadow, blusher, and lips from this Sephora Makeup Academy Palette !

Pros :

Perfect if you're a beginner trying to learn makeup.
Everything you need to know is in this palette. 
Seriously, everything. 
When you have this you do not need anything else more.
You just need to improvised it yourself, 
like picking up a darker shade in the eyeshadow section to use for contouring and stuff !

Super wide variety of eyeshadows!
Just for the colour, brown, you already have so many shades to choose from!
Matte for casual day out, shimmer/glitter for dinners.
Funky colours for special occasions or Halloween? 

Very good colour pay off for the creamy eyeshadow 
Very very opaque and strong colours. 

Blusher lasted me whole day long
I used the creamy blusher as a based and top it when another layer of powered blush, 
and it seriously lasted me the entire day, no kidding. 
I love it !

Love the concealer !
The concealer did worked for me. 
I love to use the lightest shade of concealer to define my brow's shape. 

The lip colours are very opaque !
It's not those sheer types. 
Many of them are actually very strong in colour !


The box is too huge.
It makes it hard to carry around. 
And I don't really have a makeup table so I'll have to stuff it into my wardrobe :/

The lips colours are drying. 
I used their lip primer as a based and combined a few lip colours on my lips.
By the end of the day my lips peeled like mad :(

Limited brushes.
I still have to use my own brush set. 

Some palettes are too small.
For instance, the blusher palette is too small to allow my huge blusher brush to dip in ! 

Funky colours hardly used.
I seriously think that I will end up finish using all the neutral colours
 and the funky colours will remain untouched 

Would I repurchase? 
For it's price, I think it's pretty worth it because 
you get everything you can ever asked for in a single palette !

To buy from Amazon, click below!


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