Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My daily skin care with Kanebo

Requested by an instagramer, today's post will be on my daily skin care .

First of all, no one is paying me to do all these review. All the products I'm using is based own my own preference.

Alright let's get started. 
Basically, I can't stress enough the importance of daily skin care. 
I mean a toner, moisturizer, and sunblock are basically the 3 utmost important products that you should apply every single day after you've washed your face.
It doesn't have to be Kanebo, any brand that you prefer is good enough (:

For me, consider myself lucky, my big aunt introduced me to Kanebo since I was in secondary school.
 So since then, I've been using them until now.

 I'm using the Kanebo Blanchir Whitening Series with the nice red bottle as it's suitable for people with sensitive skin too.
( I do not have sensitive skin but I am on the oily side )
I can't tell you how good it is because I've never really tried using other products, but what I can tell you is that it doesn't gives me breakouts, and it keeps my skin clean. 

Don't get me wrong.
I do not own the perfect skin and I do still have pimples popping out once in a while 
 but I think my complexion is pretty alright as it's consider quite healthy.

Here's a picture of me taken a week ago with no filter at all.

 And here's the close-up if you can't see clearly enough ( Sorry for my unglam hungry eating look , heh )

 Okay enough of the talking . We shall get started .

In the morning

Step 1 : Toner

Basic fuctions of a toner : shrinks pores, gives your skin a refreshing and  balanced pH.
Pour some of the toner on a cotton pad ( roughly a size of a 20 coin will do )

Found this on the Kanebo website. So dap the cotton pad on your face according to the picture above. That's how I'd do mine everyday.

 Step 2 : Moisturizer

Pour a small amount of the moisturizer on your hand, and apply to your face in the same manner as how you do your toner.

Step 3 : Sunblock
Some moisturizer comes with UV protection, some does not. Mine doesn't so I'll always apply a layer of sunblock to protect my skin from UV rays. If I'm not mistaken, mine comes with a SPF of 30+
Mine comes with a greenish base which is for the extra whitening skin effect. 

And you're done with your skin care in the morning. 
You can proceed with your Primer / BB cream / Liquid foundation .

At night

After being out for the entire day, your skin will definitely be filled with dirts and make-ups and you do not want to go to bed just like that because it will surely gives you breakouts or acnes if you Do Not remove them properly.

Step 1 : Make up remover

I really like this make up remover because it feels like a lotion. You just have to rub it in your skin, then mix with a few drops of water, and wash it off like a facial cleanser. But I'm abit kiasu so I'll wash it another time with my other facial foam.

Step 2 : Toner

Dap toner on your face after you've finish washing your face just like in the morning.

After that, you may continue with your night mask or whatever mask you have.
So basically that's how I take care of my skin everyday.
Hope you've learnt something. 
Good luck (:

*PS : Feel free to leave me a comment , I'd be more than happy to help ! And do tell me what you guys want to see from me, be it a product/cosmetic that I'm using or a tutorial so I'll have the idea of what to review on next time .


  1. Babe! I using the same Kanebo products too~ Coz last time i am part time Kanebo beautician :D Highly recommended too~

    1. That's super awesome ! Thanks for the support hehe <3

  2. How much are the products?? <3 Much loves and support!!!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Mine's the big bottle and I'm not really sure . But they often have like set promotion at their counter. Recently my friend bought hers , RM160+ for a small bottle of toner plus a free trial moisturiser hope it helps and thanks for the support ! Much appreciated (:

  3. Seriously this awesome dear :D TQ upload more please ^^

    1. Aw thanks for the support babe. Really meant alot to me . Will continue to upload more (:

  4. hi, i is it possible to share on the scrub facial product use?
    much appreciated :)

  5. I think it will be great if you can add the price of the product :)
    if possible also to add where you have purchase it? heh thanks!
    will continue support ya! :D

    1. Okay thanks for the suggestion ! Will take note (:

  6. how long does one bottle of kanebo product you used lasted? :)

    1. I mean it depends on how big the bottle is. Mine is like the 200mls one. I think it can last me around 6 months or more? Thats my estimation. Because only small amount was used each time (: