Sunday, January 26, 2014

My favourite mascara from Maybelline : Full 'N Soft

I finally have time to do a review on my all time favourite mascara ! 

I remembered last year when I was in Sydney, Australia
I saw a wide variety of Maybelline mascara that I've never encountered before 
in Malaysia/Singapore.
I was sooo fascinated but I couldn't decide on which to get.

So I went to google "best mascara" ( or something like that)
and it appears that the Maybelline Full 'N Soft Mascara is so popular and 
has received tones of excellent reviews !
Hence, I went back to the Market City and got myself one.

I remember getting it at $8 AUD.

I got the colour " Soft Black"

And you know what? 
It turns out to be one of the best mascara that I've ever used.
And I regretted so much for buying ONE, and ONLY ONE.

I've got a friend who just got back from Australia, 
so I asked him to help to me get three of them while he was there!!!!
He bought it from Chemist at $7 AUD each.

Some of the photos of me using the Maybelline Full 'N Soft Mascara (:

After ( All my natural lash, I hardly use fake lashes )

Pros :

It is really really Full (Volume) and Soft!
It looks extremely natural, 
doesn't clump your lashes.
Very suitable for casual outings or even to the beaches !

Last whole day long!
Will not smudge and the curl will stay all day longgggg.

Gives you length !
Just apply as many times as you want to easily get the length you desire .


Dinner/clubing ?
It might not be too obvious if you wear it for night occasions.
So what I would do is that 
I'd usually use this Maybelline Full 'N Soft Mascara as a base
and top it with other mascara of mine.

Would I repurchase?

I have already stock up 3 of it. Duh??!

Go ask your friends in Australia to get it for you now !
Good luck xoxo (:

To buy from Amazon, click below!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Urban Decay Naked 2.

Finally the long wait !
My review for The Urban Decay Naked 2 is finally up (:
The moment when I first used it, 
I can't wait to immediately share how much I love this precious thing already.

Got this as my 21st birthday present as well !
You can get it at Sephora for around RM180 or less than $100sgd.

How pretty the metal casing , simple and classy.
The actual packaging before I took out the palette. 

Back view.

Tell me how gorgeous the neutral colours are .

Ready for some swatches ? (:

Foxy, Half Baked, Bootycall, Chopper.
agh the colours are not so obvious here i apologise ! ( all the colours are with 1-2 swatch only)
Tease, Snakebite, Suspect, Pistol.

Verce, YDK, Busted, Blackout.

It comes with an eyeshadow brush
And a crease brush.
The mini lip gloss !

Here are some of the photos I took when using the Naked 2 .

Mixture of YDK, Half baked and Tease.

Bootycall and Suspect, plus the Mini Lip gloss on top on my lipstick ! ( casual day out )
Night make up.


Hello? It's the NAKED 2. 
How can any girls out there not like it?
If you don't know what to buy for your girlfriends as gifts?
just buy her any naked palette will do. 
All girls will go crazy.

The eyeshadows are all sooooo pigmented and wearable !
From morning classes to late night clubbing, 
suitable for all occasions !
Neutral colours are my all time favourite. 
My current favourite colours are the
 Bootycall, Chopper, YDK and Busted (For eye contouring) 
I love to use Blackout as eyeliner as well !

Love the brushes !
It comes with a 2 ended brushes; the eyeshadow brush and the crease brush.
Both of them are so soft and good in quality.
It's like not they just throw some lousy brushes in and thats it.
No ! I'm loving the brushes seriously.

Love the lipgloss.
It has a lil minty taste and the gloss is soooooo pretty 
( it's pink but when you apply it's almost colourless)
Trust me, it's gorgeous. 
I would really purchase the lipgloss again when I finish using this tiny lil one.


Kinda long and bulky.
If only they can like make it smaller, 
if not it's kind of hard to bring around especially when you're going travelling.

Kinda expensive.
I've longed for a naked palette for 92738261 years and I finally got it as a present gift ! 
Oh god the girls know best as always (:
But I have to say this product is really worth the money.

It does crease a lil. 
Yes, I realised it really does crease a lil especially when you're out whole day.
But no worries, I'll just apply primer beforehand.
But I would really prefer it to be non-creasing
then it would be perfect.

Would I repurchase?

Definitely Absolutely. 
I don't own a naked 1 or 3, but I can tell that this is such a heart breaker ! (:

Good luck xoxo ! 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

C. Michael Permanent Hair Colour in Vivid Violet

Last week I went grocery shopping and I happen to came across the hair dye section.
Since it was already more than 3 months since I last dyed my hair,
plus CNY's just around the corner. 
Well, I thought of getting one (:

My first ever DIY hair dye was from Liese's ( the bubble foam one) 
 and my experience was quite okay,
except the ammonia smell was terrible. 

And after that I wanted to try something different,
so I opted for the Loreal's. 
And it was such a disappointment. 
You can read it from here

So while I was busy choosing which brand to try this time,
a female salesperson came and told me about this brand that I've never heard before,
which is the C. Michael Permanent Hair Colour from London.
However, it's made in Malaysia.

I was kinda skeptical at first as I have yet to seen it being advertised anywhere,
but the salesperson was soooooo good at talking and convincing.
She told me how excellent this product is
 and that a few days ago two caucasians women came back to get more of this hair dye 
after their first purchase.

I have to admit, I was sold
Hence, I got a box for myself too. 

And you know what? 
It turned out to be the best damn thing ever.
I would say this is by far the best DIY hair dye
 that I've ever used !

I think that brown hair are so boring and I wanted something different.
So I went for this C. Michael Permanent Hair Colour in Vivid Violet (5V).
I got mine from Jusco for RM28.90
I have no idea if it's selling in Singapore. 
But you can ask your malaysian friends to get it for you (:

C. Michael Permanent Hair Colour in 5V Vivid Violet


What it comes with
Two hair dying products, One hair conditioner, A pair of plastic gloves and an instruction booklet
Close up
They have only 6 colours available.
After mixing the 2 hair dying products.

Below are photos of me before and after hair dye (:

BEFORE ( A combination of black and brown)
AFTER ( purplish brown)
Under the light ( sorry I have to take this in the toilet ) It looks so purplish here I love it !

Under direct sunlight
I had a few strands of hair being bleached before, and this is how it appears to be ! ( I AM MADLY IN LOVE)

Day 1
Day 4 ( Taken with Mac Book's camera )


It gives what it promises to give on the box, 
I am madly in love and satisfied with the colour !

Does not give me itchy head 
Allergic free (for me)

Minimal Ammonia Smell
I wouldn't say it produces no smell at all, but compared to Liese's, 
this is consider very minimal already. 
( but the salesperson told me no smell at all -.-)

The colour does not run a lot
I've been to the saloon and dyed my hair before 
and when I wash my hair the colour runs a lot
My towel will be stained with colours.
But this, it only comes out a little !

Does not dry out your hair
Don't worry about your hair being dry after the hair colouring.
It doesn't (:

Very Affordable
Less than RM 30 ( which is only around $11sgd ) 
and this product is able to give me such result?!
Boy I have to say this is the best RM28.90 I've spent so far.


My hair drops a little more than usual when shampooing 
Maybe they should provide a little more hair conditioner for people with long hair like me.

Would I repurchase?
The easiest YES so far !! Totally worth of money !!
Very very happy and satisfied with the product and results (:

Good Luck xoxo.