Thursday, December 26, 2013

Etude's Hand Bouquet Hand & Heel Cream

Another birthday gift from the girlfriend !
Received this Etude's Hand Bouquet Hand & Heel Cream with 5% Shea Butter , 
together with a pair of hand and foot mask ! (Which I have yet to try out)

As you all should know,
 I am a big fan of Etude's rotating eyebrow pencil.
I've blogged about my eyebrow tutorial with the Etude eyebrow pencil here !

Anyway, today's review gonna be on the Hand and Heel Cream !
Actually before using this cream, 
I went to google about the reviews, 
to my surprise, most of the reviews are extremelyyyyy good ! :) 
Woots yay !

I went to G-market to look at the price.
I think its plus or minus around $12 sgd for a 100ml tube of cream.

Look at the packaging, 
how can anyone not like it?!?!?

Pros :

Love the packaging ! 
Grey, pink and florals will never go wrong.
It comes with a squeezable tube which is really convenient to use
 (compared to those hard containers)

Moisturising and hydrating to the skin!
I have kinda dry and cracked heels.
 I usually apply to the hands and heels before bed,
and guess what?
My hands are okay but
my heels are sooooo soft and smooth the next morning I swear.

Not oily 
Yeessss not oily at all !

Love the frangrance
It has a very light scent,
kinda like a baby powder smell (:

All those reviews are TRUE. 
It's a really good hand cream, 
but it's a even better heel cream !

So affordable 
For a big tube like that, oh come on it's so worth it.


Takes a few mins to absorb into the skin
Yes it does feels a lil bit oily when you first applied, 
but give it a few mins it will absorb readily into the skin ,
and no more oiliness !

Would I repurchase?
Definitely ! I would really recommend this to those who has really dry heels and has limited budget to invest on a good and branded cream. This is what you need girl. It would be great for guys too! 

Good luck xoxo (:

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