Saturday, September 28, 2013

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick ; Matte in Pink Pout.

As I've said I'm a absolute sucker for lipstick, 
I got myself another matte lipstick from Revlon last night .
Actually it was my boyfriend who brought me shopping cos I was under huge stress due to school :/
#bestboyfriendever (:

I've been deciding either to get Primrose or Pink Pout, both from Revlon.
I wanted to try something pink this time.
The colours for both are somehow similar but then Pink Pout is matte.
So I went to Guardian and I could only see Pink Pout available and it was the last one already!
In a way it's good because I was still very undecisive on which to get.

So, I got my Revlon Lustrous Lipstick , Matte 002 in Pink Pout from Guardian for $13.90 sgd.

Pink Pout

Matte 002 .
Looking pretty isnt it.

Close up swatch

Let's get started first.
And as always, prepare your lips with a coat of lipbalm !

As usual, I always prefer to dap on it, instead on swiping the entire stick over lips.
Done dapping. This gives a very barbie pink yet appears kinda nude at the same time.

I think it's because my skintone is kind of fair, 
and pale looking lip colour isnt really my thing
so I added some tiny llittle tony molly lip tint on it to give it more pink.
( Scroll down to the left side bar to see my tonymolly liptint review)

After some liptint mixed , appears to be slightly more vibrant.


A very sweet barbie pink and sometimes appears nude ! 
( If you have ton skintone, it'll probably look great on you )

It's matte !
 ( I love matte lipstick)

Opaque , very rich in colour.

Creamy consistancy, very easy to apply.

Best to wear with heavy eyemakes.


It might be a lil drying to the lips.

Will accentuates the lipline if too much is applied.

Don't think it'll look very nice on people with very fair skintone 
( doesn't really compliment your skin)

Would I repurchase ?

Most probably not. 
But no doubt it's a really nice colour.
Because I think I've come into conclusion that vibrant colours suit me more as I have quite fair skintone.

To buy from Amazon, click below!

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