Sunday, March 31, 2013

St. Ives Apricot Scrub

Hello , today's review will be talking about my favourite facial scrub.
Yes, it's the St. Ives Appricot Scrub.

How it looks on your skin.

If you do not know what a facial scrub is , do not worry .
Basically a facial scrub is an exfoliation product which helps to remove dead skin/ black heads ,
leaving a younger and healthier skin behind.

For me, it is important to me to scrub my skin first everytime before I apply any facial mask
because I feel that my skin would be more readily to absorb all the essence
by removing all the dead skin and dirts first.
Make sense?

I bought mine from Watson, I think it's around RM 20++ .

This being my 2nd tube already, I still adore it alot.
I love how it feels after I've scrub it.
My skin feels So super duper clean and smooth !
I also love how it smells with it's very soft and gentle fragrance.
I'll usually use like 2-3 times a week at night on my face after my facial cleanser.
And occasionally I will use it on my back and arms too.

Good luck (:

Friday, March 29, 2013

The Odbo Sleeping Pack

A friend of mine went to Korea a few months ago.
And I asked her to get me the very famous
"Laneige sleeping pack " for me but I think it was out of stock or something.
Then she asked me if I wanted to try The Odbo sleeping pack,
I agreed because I went to give it a quick google and found out that the review was good as well.

So, The Odbo sleeping pack claims to provide overnight moist skin for dry/rough skin.

And if your question is where to buy ? How much is it? Well, I did my homework (:

Apparently you can buy a bottle of 50mls online on G-market for around $55 SGD.

 So the instructions on the package writes :
 Take an adequate amount onto the face before bed and massage
Spead even enough to be absorbed into the skin
You may wash it with warm water the next morning
( I'll use it like once a week )

I am just squeezing out for the sake of taking the picture , so forgive me for the tiny bit.

So it's a clear liquid that can be absorbed easily into the skin.
Not sticky or whatever.
It doesn't carry much frangrance.

This is my just got out of bed look with my Odbo Sleeping pack applied last night.

I love how my skin feels !
I feel that my skin is very hydrated and smoothe.
Like a baby skin seriously.
And how my boyfriend would say it, " Toi Toi "
I think this is a super good product for people with dry skin
or in cold weather where your skin tends to be kinda dry.

Overall, I love it !
Good luck (:

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Best Lips Combination

Since young, I've witnessed my mum using Lipstick.
So naturally I have this idea that Lipstick are for mature Women.

Not a fan of lipstick,
yet a few months ago I don't know what struck me and I started googling about lipstick.

To be honest,
 I don't usually go for branded cosmetics because I think that drugstore cosmetic are as good as well.
Most importantly, it's so much more afforable.
 Uually those branded cosmetic/products I reviewed on are gifts from friends or relatives ( lucky girl uh ),
unless I really really liked it and I think it's worth the money then I will spend on it.

Alright back to the topic.
I wanted something red/orangy.
So I started googling and read lots of reviews.
And I realized that Revlon has very good quality lipstick.
But it's not all the series that are good.

After much reading, I decided to try on this Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Kiss me Coral.

Its matte. Matte means it has no shimmer or glossiness.

I remember buying it in Watson for around RM30+.
I reckon this is one of the best selling colour.
The first swipe on my lips, I fell in love already.
It's more on the orangy/peachy side yet comes with a lil red
which you can easily wear during the day/ night.

But remember to coat your lips with a layer of Lipbalm prior paiting this on your lips
because it will also dry your lips a lil.
However, it doesnt last very long on your lips.
After your lunch you may want to reapply again :/

And then after using it for awhile,
I thought " Maybe it'll look even better with some shimmer "
And so, I discover the perfect lips combination (:

I bought my Majolica Majorca Honey Pump Gloss quite some time ago from
a Watson sale in Singapore for around $5 only.
I think the usual price is around $12.90.

I totally adore it because it has got that slight shimmer but not glitter.
It doesn't make your lips looked like you just had a chicken wing with all the oil.

Mine is PK122 - colourless but with shimmer

Testing out the lipstick ( left ) and the lipgloss (right ) on my skin.

Let's start the tutorial (:

I like to use a lip applicator because I find it easier to apply espcially around the corner of your mouth.

Start by sharping the lip line first. Then only fill in the remaining area. ( Left is in progress , Right is nude lips)

Done with lipstick.

Swipe that gloss on.

And you're done.

Good luck (:

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Kose's Mask White

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. More than a thousand views just in a few days. Thank you people !
Today's product review will be on Kose's Mask White.




Actually I got this as a birthday present last year from my girlfriends. How sweet right (:
Did not bought it myself so I went to google the price. It seems like 75mls cost around RM85.
You can get it easily at any Kose counter ( Jusco , Metro etc )
Never really own a product from Kose before, but their product seems nice.
So basically this is liquid mask claims that it unclogs pores, removes dirt increases clarity and add radiance to your skin.


What's really interesting about this liquid mask is that it's freaking black in colour !
 Which makes alot of people to be so curious and excited to try it out because its so FUN.
Everytime when I have this mask on, when I walk out from my room to the living room, I will shout " I AM COMING DOWN DONT GET SCARED " .
Because I'm worried that my family would think Imma ghost lol.

Before you start, please please clip your hair neatly, I will tell you why later.

So according to the instructions;

Wash your face.
Apply a thick, even coat on your skin.
Avoid hairline, eye and lips area.
Peel off after 20 minutes when it's dry.
Remove the remaining ones with some water.
Apply toner after that.

Your skin will feel super duper tight when its in the process of drying. I can't even really smile.

Yes I will apply evenly on my skin, but as you can see, not really that thick.
Oh come on la, its such a small bottle and somemore quite expensive.
Sometimes dont have to be so generous .
Okay maybe I abit Nyao because I wanna use it longer :/
After 20 minutues.
This is how it looks like when it's already dry and being peeled off your skin.
Okay so the reason why you Do Not wanna apply on your hairline, eye and lips area is that ,
 it hurts when it's being peeled off !
It really kinda hurts, but it's quite tolerable la.
So thats why, imagine you putting on your hairline/eyebrow , I tell you, you will cry.
And for the eyes and lips area , because the skin there are really thin.
 So it will definitely hurt even more
Alright here comes the review.
I really love this mask because it really makes my skin feels so clean after peeling off.
I mean I think it's because the mask really sticks on to your skin when it's dried .
So when you peel it off, the dirt or whatever things stuck underneath your skin will come off as well.
So i guess it hurts for a pretty good reason.
Besides, I think it would be a very good mask for people with lots of black heads.

Not sure about the word White on it because I feel that my skintone remains the same after using it .
Or maybe because my skin is already quite fair so it doesn't really make a difference.
But afterall, I still love it and I think it's worth the try.
So consider trying out? Good luck (:

 Click pic below to purchase from Amazon (:

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Cyber Colors Blusher

Hello ! 
Before I start , I really wanna thank those people who had supported me by reading my blog and leaving nice comments . You have no idea how much it means to me ! 

This post is going to be about the blusher that I've been using quite awhile ( okay la not quite awhile because you can see from the container that it's finishing soon ) .

And it's the Cyber Colors Blusher.

Yay that its finishing soon so I can give myself more excuse to buy more.

Prior to this, I was actually using the blusher from Za . When I finished using it , I wanted to try something new. I went to Sasa and the promoter introduced me this Cyber Colors blusher which she said the lasting powder is quite good. And it's affordable, think I bought it around RM30-40. So I decided to give it a try.

How it looks on your skin. 

I apologize that I really couldn't remember what was the colors code as the wordings behind the container had disappeared. Tried to search on Sasa's website and I think it's colour 09 ( something peachy )

 What I like about this blusher is that the colour itself is very solid/pigmented.
 Just a few swipes with your brush and you can easily get the "pink" on your cheeks. 
Unlike Mac's blusher ( which I happen to own one , and I'll do Mac's blusher review next time ), you have to swipe it quite a few times to really get the colour visible on your cheek.
Plus, this blush can really stays on your cheeks for the entire day. 
I mean, the last power is really good as compared to Mac's.

Me, without blush.
Dap blusher with brush.
And SMILE ! Swipe across your apples with a tick sign (:
And you're done !

Put on your favourite Lipstick, and you're ready to go babe.

And that's the way I do it. Good luck (:

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My daily skin care with Kanebo

Requested by an instagramer, today's post will be on my daily skin care .

First of all, no one is paying me to do all these review. All the products I'm using is based own my own preference.

Alright let's get started. 
Basically, I can't stress enough the importance of daily skin care. 
I mean a toner, moisturizer, and sunblock are basically the 3 utmost important products that you should apply every single day after you've washed your face.
It doesn't have to be Kanebo, any brand that you prefer is good enough (:

For me, consider myself lucky, my big aunt introduced me to Kanebo since I was in secondary school.
 So since then, I've been using them until now.

 I'm using the Kanebo Blanchir Whitening Series with the nice red bottle as it's suitable for people with sensitive skin too.
( I do not have sensitive skin but I am on the oily side )
I can't tell you how good it is because I've never really tried using other products, but what I can tell you is that it doesn't gives me breakouts, and it keeps my skin clean. 

Don't get me wrong.
I do not own the perfect skin and I do still have pimples popping out once in a while 
 but I think my complexion is pretty alright as it's consider quite healthy.

Here's a picture of me taken a week ago with no filter at all.

 And here's the close-up if you can't see clearly enough ( Sorry for my unglam hungry eating look , heh )

 Okay enough of the talking . We shall get started .

In the morning

Step 1 : Toner

Basic fuctions of a toner : shrinks pores, gives your skin a refreshing and  balanced pH.
Pour some of the toner on a cotton pad ( roughly a size of a 20 coin will do )

Found this on the Kanebo website. So dap the cotton pad on your face according to the picture above. That's how I'd do mine everyday.

 Step 2 : Moisturizer

Pour a small amount of the moisturizer on your hand, and apply to your face in the same manner as how you do your toner.

Step 3 : Sunblock
Some moisturizer comes with UV protection, some does not. Mine doesn't so I'll always apply a layer of sunblock to protect my skin from UV rays. If I'm not mistaken, mine comes with a SPF of 30+
Mine comes with a greenish base which is for the extra whitening skin effect. 

And you're done with your skin care in the morning. 
You can proceed with your Primer / BB cream / Liquid foundation .

At night

After being out for the entire day, your skin will definitely be filled with dirts and make-ups and you do not want to go to bed just like that because it will surely gives you breakouts or acnes if you Do Not remove them properly.

Step 1 : Make up remover

I really like this make up remover because it feels like a lotion. You just have to rub it in your skin, then mix with a few drops of water, and wash it off like a facial cleanser. But I'm abit kiasu so I'll wash it another time with my other facial foam.

Step 2 : Toner

Dap toner on your face after you've finish washing your face just like in the morning.

After that, you may continue with your night mask or whatever mask you have.
So basically that's how I take care of my skin everyday.
Hope you've learnt something. 
Good luck (:

*PS : Feel free to leave me a comment , I'd be more than happy to help ! And do tell me what you guys want to see from me, be it a product/cosmetic that I'm using or a tutorial so I'll have the idea of what to review on next time .