Tuesday, December 17, 2013

SOAP & GLORY Beginner's Luxe Set

Today's gonna be a quick and short one ! (:

I received this SOAP & GLORY Beginner's Luxe Set as a birthday gift from my friends.
I'm telling you.
I'm loving it.

I have a very good impression of Soap and Glory because
I used to own a Lip Gloss from them called the Sexy Mother Pucker ,
which until now I still love it ALOT.
So apparently from the name "SOAP"and Glory,
I suppose they are like super famous for their body butter and stuff.

Hmm because it's a birthday gift,  
so please don't mind that I googled the price of it because I'm writing a review on it hehe.
So I went to the Sephora website in US and the price was $30 USD ( but it's worth $45 )
Converted to SGD it's probably less than 40 sgd .
You can easily get it at any Sephora outlets (:

First of all, 
the packing is soooooo lovely which comes in a cosmetic/toiletries bag !
I mean how can anyone not like it?!?! 

" This cute collection of classic Soap & Glory favorites features three of their best-loved original formulas, including a full-size body butter, all scented with their Original Pink™ fragrance, plus a handy pair of scrub gloves and an adorable cosmetic bag decked out in a pink Union Jack design. This set is a great introduction to Soap & Glory and the perfect gift for anyone who wants smooth, delicate, touchable skin. "

This set contains: 
- 2.5 oz Clean On Me™ Shower Gel 
- 1.69 oz The Scrub of Your Life™ Body Buffer 
- 10.1 oz The Righteous Body Butter™ 
- White exfoliating gloves 
- Cosmetic bag

Okay let's be honest. I have a huge obsession with cosmetic pouch :)
Palm size cute bottles

Pros :

I love the body scrub and the body butter !

Scrub of your life :There's very cute little tiny pink particles in the body scrub !!!!! 
Plus after scrubbing all over, my skin feels soooo clean and smooth !

The Righteous Butter : Ahhhhh my favourite among the 3 products! 
First of all, it smells soooooo nice, seriously.
I don't really know how to describe the scent but it just smells so nice and sweet I swear.
( I cannot stop sniffing my arms after I've applied it lolol)
It's not sticky and oily or whatsoever. 
Plus, you only need a coin size to apply all over the body, which a HUGE tube like that can last you very long I suppose.


Clean of me shower gel: Nothing special about the shower gel. The fragrance is the same as the other 2 but just that after you wash off with water the fragrance doesn't really stay on the body.

Kinda pricey :/

Would I repurchase ?

Yessss ! I'm loving the fragrance ! 

More reviews coming up . Stay tuned !
Good Luck ! 

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