Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Must-buy drugstore cosmetics in the UK or Europe

I've just came back from my UK and Europe tour which lasted about 2 months with my luggage almost exploding from all those crazy shopping.

Before I flew there, I've spent quite a lot of time 'researching' on the must-buy drugstore cosmetics in UK/Europe, from reading numerous blogs and even youtube videos.

Today, I believe this post would be very useful to the girls out there if you're planning to go to the UK or Europe and wish to get CHEAP and FANTASTIC drugstore cosmetics ! (or any of your friends that are going who you can ask them to help you get )

Let's get started. I can't wait already !

Rimmel London: Stay Matte Primer in 003

Why buy it: I've seen how some Youtubers raved about this Primer. They are so freaking right about it. It's simply the BEST PRIMER in the whole wide world.  It's like a white liquid (feels like a moisturizer) which you apply it either alone, under or over your make up (so it says on the packaging). It really helps your skin to stay matte so much longer than without it ! People with oily skin like me, you need to buy this, no joke. 

How much: £7 (approx RM39). So much cheaper than tones of other expensive yet not-so-great primer out there.

Rimmel London: Wake me up Foundation

Why buy it: Because it's such a nice bottle of semi-coverage foundation with very pretty nice glitters in it but not too obvious or exaggerating to show on the skin, only slightly visible when under the sun. It makes your skin glows ! Yes that's the word. I love it especially for night occasions. It matches my skin tone very much. The only downside is that it can be slightly oily after long hours so make sure you use a primer prior to applying it. 

How much: About £10 (approx RM55). I got it during a promo at Superdrug and it was like any two Rimmel products for £10 only. So it was super worth it !

Bourjois Paris: Healthy Mix Serum

Why buy it: This thing here IS THE BOMB my friend ! Try googling "the best drugstore foundation" and tell me what you see. THIS !!!!! I've tried looking for it in UK but sadly it has been discontinued. However, I was lucky enough to came across it while I was roaming around Paris and I was like omgogmomgomgogomgomg! First of all, it smells soooooooo nice. I never knew a foundation could smell this nice, like really really nice. For coverage wise it's also a semi-coverage only but I wouldn't mind because it looks very natural on me. Not oily on me and it just feels wonderful the moment you apply it. I. L. O. V. E. I. T !! 

How much: 15 euro (approx RM68). Worth every penny. 

Makeup Academy: Eyeshadow Palette in Undress Me Too.

Why buy it: People say it's a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Palette. For the price you're paying, oh boy, this palette should be in every girl's makeup collection. Despite it being so cheap, the quality IS there, no joke.  I love all the neutral shades and it's super pigmented ! I don't even know what to say. It's just fantastic. So so so impressed. 

How much: £4 (approx RM22). I have the urge to go back to UK just to grab 10 more of this.

Makeup Academy: Pro-Brow (Ultimate Eyebrow Kit)

Why buy it: An eyebrow kit that comes with a tweezer, a brush, 2 shades of browns, a highlighter and a wax to help your brows stays in place. Why not? The powder is extremely pigmented so you might want to be extra careful when applying it. My brows stayed on the entire day even without the wax. Perfect !

How much: £3.5 (approx RM20). 

Sleek blush in Pomegranate

Why buy it: I just love this so much as well. One of the best blush I've ever used. Super pigmented with tiny little glitter in it in this shade named Pomegranate, a very gorgeous pink which will look very natural on any skin colour I believe. Also, the package is so pretty and chic. I just adore it !

How much: £4.5 (approx RM25). 

Vaseline: Rosy Lips.

Why buy it: Sorry if I kept repeating how much I love it and it's like the best thing ever. But it really is. The Vaseline Lip balm in Rosy Lips is just incredible. Love the scent, love how it heals my very dry lips almost instantly, love how it acts as a base before I apply some lipsticks that are quite drying to the lips.Oh yeah it is colourless on the lips if that's what you're thinking. Love the tiny tint too ! I did not see it selling in Malaysia/Singapore. Or they do? Hmm I don't know. I just bought like 3 of them back hahah.

How much: £1.32 (approx RM7.50). 

Makeup Academy Lipstick

Why buy it: This should be the first thing that you run to when you step into a drugstore because it runs out extremely fast ! It's like the most popular stuff in a drugstore??? It's very creamy and pigmented, what more do you want in a £1 lipstick?! Fortunately for me, I got all the colours that I wanted. A very sexy red in shade 13, a neon-ish peach in shade 14 (Juicy), and a gorgeous nude beigh in shade 15 (Bare).Unfortunately, they have this mild old-lipstick-scent. So I would wear a coat of lipgloss to cover the smell. Other than that, it's perfect!

How much: £1 each (approx RM5.50). 

Me using the MUA lipstick in shade 13. 

Rimmel London: Apocalips Lip Lacquer in 101 Celestial

Why buy it:  You see how bloggers raved about the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer in this exact shade, Celestial. First of all, it smells incredible, no joke too. It's the kind of pink that will never go wrong !  It feels like a lipgloss but much much more pigmented than a lipgloss. It's has a glossy finishing. So so gorgeous. One downside is that the lasting power isn't that great but I wouldn't mind touching up after meals ! It has a wide variety of shades to choose from but I personally love Celestial very much. You need to at least own one of it in your lipstick collection if you're a lipstick vampire like me.

How much: I think it's about £7 (approx RM39).

The Collection: Cream Puff in Fairy Cake 3

Why buy it: Lip creams are my favourite! This cream puff in Fairy Cake 3 looks a lot like my NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream, but only a little brighter / peachier and more neon-looking (and cheaper) ! It sits so nice and natural on the lips. The kind of pink that every girl needs. Definitely a must-buy if you don't owe any lip cream yet! 

How much: £3 (approx RM16.50).

Swatch; Left (The Collection : Cream Puff in Fairy Cake 3), Right (Rimmel London: Apocalips Lip Lacquer in 101 Celestial) 

I've purchased all of these drugstore cosmetics either from Superdrug or Boots in the UK. 
Only the Bourjois Paris Healthy Mix Serum I got it from a departmental store in Paris which I totally forgot the name of it already :/
*Ps: I believe you can get some of these cosmetics online in Singapore/Malaysia too if you're not planning to go overseas but still wish to purchase it ! Only that it might be slightly/ more expensive.

I hope this post of mine would be a great help to you girls out there ! Leave me a comment if you have any questions. Thanks for reading ! 

Good luck, keep calm and start buying !

Me using the The Collection : Cream Puff in Fairy Cake 3.


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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

NYX soft matte lip cream in Antwerp

It's been a long time since last I discovered an extremely good product that 
I do not want to use any other products anymore !

What I'll be reviewing today is 
just trust me on that. 

NYX soft matte lip cream
Palm size
SMLC 05 in Antwerp.

How it looks on the lips ? (:

Pros :

It's like the PRETTIEST PINK in the entire universe. 
As asians, I understand that it's kinda difficult to find a shade of pink that really compliments our yellowish skin tone. 
And not to mention, a lot of us are afraid to wear pink because 
many shades of pink out there (esp fuchsia pink) would 
make our teeth appear much yellow-er.
But this NYX Antwerp suits me perfectly !!!!!!
 ( doesnt make my teeth appear yellow-er at all ) 
It's like the perfect kinda pink for everyone around the world
 that would never go wrong for any occasion !

It's really matte.
Seriously, matte lipsticks are like the best thing ever????

Bought it from a blogshop for $10 SGD only. 

Very long lasting !
Really stays on your lips for a very longggg time even after mealsss !

Doesn't feel like you're applying anything at all on your lips.

Smells really nice
I'd say it smells like vanilla ! 


Will accentuate the lip lines if lips not exfoliated. 
But don't worry at all because
I've learnt a quick and easy tip from youtube on how to exfoliate your lips in less than 1 min without having to purchase any products, which is just pure genius. 

Use your tooth brush to brush onto your lips !
Which will remove all the dry skin and 
make your lips baby smooth. 

After exfoliating the lips, apply a layer of lip balm. 
And you're good to go to apply the lip cream ! 
This works for me, I swear. 
And you'll have THE perfect looking lips without looking chappy/dry. 

Would I repurchase?
I seriously feel like buying alllllllll the shades that they have. 

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Etude House Proof 10 Mascara Review.

The Etude house has really made me change my perspective towards them again !
They have totally won my heart once more. 

I actually adore quite a few stuff from Etude, 
and the Etude House Proof 10 Mascara is going to be one of them too now (:

I got this as a birthday present which I think 3 years ago and I haven't used it until recently. 
I'm real good at keeping stuff, trust me. 

I am not quite sure if it's still available in the market, 
but I think they still do? 
Anyway, the price selling online is around $13.90 SGD. 

Etude House Proof 10 Mascara: Super washable. 

Some korean words that I don't understand. 

The curled Mascara wand.

Ready? Let's do it (:

Bare eyes without mascara.
One coat of Etude House Proof 10 Mascara !


Simple but pretty packaging. 
Not cheap looking don't worry (:

Curled mascara wand.
This is my first curled wand and I love it! 
It makes application easier and less messy.

Volume NO ; Length YES. 
Although it says it provides volume, 
but I think it gives more of the length. 
Very very pretty and noticeable, clump-free long lashes ! 

Long last hours. 
I wore this recently on a trip to Bintan (being outdoor and to the beaches),
the curl stayed in place entirely 
and it DID NOT smudge at all ! 

Yes I believe so.  


Watery consistency.
Takes a bit longer than my usual mascara to dry up. 
But I can totally live with that. 

Slightly hard to remove. 
As it stated that it's waterproof, 
it makes sense that it's a lil hard to totally remove the mascara.
However, a few cotton pads filled with eye-makeup remover should work (:

Would I repurchase? 

Yes !

* PS: 

As I feel that it doesn't provide me with sufficient volume, 
I've decided to coat my lashes with a layer of my favourite mascara
and then lengthens it with Etude House's Proof 10 Mascara !

 Full n' Soft as the base and top it with Etude House Proof 10 Mascara. 

Good luck xoxox <3

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sephora Makeup Academy Palette Review

There's this really good stuff that 
I really need to recommend you girls out there to purchase !
(especially for makeup beginners !)

Received this Sephora Makeup Academy Palette from a friend as a birthday present last year ,
and I nearly fainted on the spot. 

Only by looking at the box itself makes me wanna cry 
because the colours are so pretty !

You can easily grab it at any Sephora outlets for the price of $69 SGD (if I'm not mistaken)

Box (front)
Box (sides)
Box (sides)
Box (back; the different types of looks you can achieve with this palette )
Sephora Makeup Academy Palette

Let's name it the Left Wing, the Middle Wing and the Right Wing.
The sides.

Alright let's do some swatches ! (;
Let's start from the Middle Wing (My fav wing) !
In the Middle Wing it consists of 72 shades of eyeshadows.
From matte to shimmer to glitter! 
You name it you have it. 

Colours from the Upper Middle Wing.
Random swatches from the Upper Middle Wing (eyeshadow)

Colours from the Lower Middle Wing
Random swatches from the Lower Middle Wing (eyeshadow)

Now, some swatches from the Right Wing. 
In the Right Wing, you'll have a lip primer, and 28 shades of lipsticks and lip glosses !

Right Wing.
Right Wing
Right Wing (close-up)
Random swatches from the Right Wing (lip colours)

Now, we have the Left Wing
You'll find an eye-primer, 3 shades of concealer, 6 blushers (5 powder-based and 1 creamy) and 
18 shades of creamy eyeshadow/eyeliner. 

Left Wing. 
Left Wing.
Random swatches from the Left Wing (creamy eyeshadow/eyeliner)
Random swatches from the Left Wing ( Blushers)
Left Wing ( Concealer close-up)

This palette comes with 4 tiny brushes ! 
3 for eyeshadows and 1 for lips application.

Eyeshadow, blusher, and lips from this Sephora Makeup Academy Palette !

Pros :

Perfect if you're a beginner trying to learn makeup.
Everything you need to know is in this palette. 
Seriously, everything. 
When you have this you do not need anything else more.
You just need to improvised it yourself, 
like picking up a darker shade in the eyeshadow section to use for contouring and stuff !

Super wide variety of eyeshadows!
Just for the colour, brown, you already have so many shades to choose from!
Matte for casual day out, shimmer/glitter for dinners.
Funky colours for special occasions or Halloween? 

Very good colour pay off for the creamy eyeshadow 
Very very opaque and strong colours. 

Blusher lasted me whole day long
I used the creamy blusher as a based and top it when another layer of powered blush, 
and it seriously lasted me the entire day, no kidding. 
I love it !

Love the concealer !
The concealer did worked for me. 
I love to use the lightest shade of concealer to define my brow's shape. 

The lip colours are very opaque !
It's not those sheer types. 
Many of them are actually very strong in colour !


The box is too huge.
It makes it hard to carry around. 
And I don't really have a makeup table so I'll have to stuff it into my wardrobe :/

The lips colours are drying. 
I used their lip primer as a based and combined a few lip colours on my lips.
By the end of the day my lips peeled like mad :(

Limited brushes.
I still have to use my own brush set. 

Some palettes are too small.
For instance, the blusher palette is too small to allow my huge blusher brush to dip in ! 

Funky colours hardly used.
I seriously think that I will end up finish using all the neutral colours
 and the funky colours will remain untouched 

Would I repurchase? 
For it's price, I think it's pretty worth it because 
you get everything you can ever asked for in a single palette !

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