Saturday, November 2, 2013

Kiehl's Lipbalm #1 original .

Despite my busy schedule, I'd really want to share this product with you girls today.
Because I find this lipbalm extremely goooooooood (:

Because I am a lipstick sucker, lips to me, is an important deal.
 I mean you wouldn't want ugly looking dry cracked lips when you have your lipstick on right?
So this is where lipbalm comes in.

Previously I have been using Burt's bee lipbalm which I've blogged about before and I really loved it. 
Yet when I started using  Kiehl's , I fell in love with it immediately.
But , both of them works differently so I'll definitely still be using both of them !

My boyfriend's sister gave this to me. 
I googled and the price is more or less 13 SGD ? (15ml)
From what I've read, this comes in different scene, mine is the original.

Palm sized tube.

Back .

It's colourless.

Well, this lipbalm is MADNESS !
I love love love love how it feels on my lips. 
It's so so so moisturizing.
However, it feels more like a lipgloss than a lip balm as it's glossy ( you can see from the picture above).
But the glossiness doesn't last very long as I guess it would eventually be absorbed into your lips !
That's how you get hydrated and moisturizing lips (:

I love to apply them before bed, and trust me,
you'll wake up having kissable baby lips.
Yes seriously.

I do sometimes apply them before lipstick, 
but only for those lipstick that are tend to be kinda drying like the Revlon Pink Pout Lipstick.
But I still love the lipstick and it's colour though !
If not, I'll still stick to my burt bee's lipbalm because it's waxy it goes better with lipsticks.

You should try too if you have dry and cracked lips all the time !

Would I repurchase?

Good luck (:

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