Sunday, March 24, 2013

Kose's Mask White

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. More than a thousand views just in a few days. Thank you people !
Today's product review will be on Kose's Mask White.




Actually I got this as a birthday present last year from my girlfriends. How sweet right (:
Did not bought it myself so I went to google the price. It seems like 75mls cost around RM85.
You can get it easily at any Kose counter ( Jusco , Metro etc )
Never really own a product from Kose before, but their product seems nice.
So basically this is liquid mask claims that it unclogs pores, removes dirt increases clarity and add radiance to your skin.


What's really interesting about this liquid mask is that it's freaking black in colour !
 Which makes alot of people to be so curious and excited to try it out because its so FUN.
Everytime when I have this mask on, when I walk out from my room to the living room, I will shout " I AM COMING DOWN DONT GET SCARED " .
Because I'm worried that my family would think Imma ghost lol.

Before you start, please please clip your hair neatly, I will tell you why later.

So according to the instructions;

Wash your face.
Apply a thick, even coat on your skin.
Avoid hairline, eye and lips area.
Peel off after 20 minutes when it's dry.
Remove the remaining ones with some water.
Apply toner after that.

Your skin will feel super duper tight when its in the process of drying. I can't even really smile.

Yes I will apply evenly on my skin, but as you can see, not really that thick.
Oh come on la, its such a small bottle and somemore quite expensive.
Sometimes dont have to be so generous .
Okay maybe I abit Nyao because I wanna use it longer :/
After 20 minutues.
This is how it looks like when it's already dry and being peeled off your skin.
Okay so the reason why you Do Not wanna apply on your hairline, eye and lips area is that ,
 it hurts when it's being peeled off !
It really kinda hurts, but it's quite tolerable la.
So thats why, imagine you putting on your hairline/eyebrow , I tell you, you will cry.
And for the eyes and lips area , because the skin there are really thin.
 So it will definitely hurt even more
Alright here comes the review.
I really love this mask because it really makes my skin feels so clean after peeling off.
I mean I think it's because the mask really sticks on to your skin when it's dried .
So when you peel it off, the dirt or whatever things stuck underneath your skin will come off as well.
So i guess it hurts for a pretty good reason.
Besides, I think it would be a very good mask for people with lots of black heads.

Not sure about the word White on it because I feel that my skintone remains the same after using it .
Or maybe because my skin is already quite fair so it doesn't really make a difference.
But afterall, I still love it and I think it's worth the try.
So consider trying out? Good luck (:

 Click pic below to purchase from Amazon (:


  1. Dear how to skin care for pimples and acne? Ive tried many products but seems no effect. My skin very dry but if i use moisturizer it will bcome oily! any ideas?

    1. Hmm not too sure about the acne prob eh sorry . About the dry skin thingy , you can try applying hydrating mask ? I'll be doing a review on a sleeping mask which is good for dry skin .