Thursday, April 25, 2013


You know once in a while you buy something.
At first you didn't like it at all.
But after awhile when you use it again, you fell in love with it just like that! *Snap fingers*
Yes, this happened to me to this NYX's Gloss , in 30 sorbet.

 Oh, I got it at my school's atrium sale at around SGD5-6.
I remember quite cheap , because that's the reason I bought it.
If I'm not mistaken you can buy NYX products from Far East.

Shade in 30 sorbet

NYX Gloss.
Pretty baby pink !
How can you not love a pink like that?

Let's get started.

The naked lips.

Swipe that Gloss on !

Done. ( I hate my pimple. I hate it )
Wear it with a smile :)

Here's what I think about this NYX gloss.

A very pretty shade of pink
Shimmer, not glittery 
Long staying power (even after meal )
Very afforable

Has a very strong lemon(?) smell which I don't really adore
Shows your drying lips line if large amount applied

The reason why I did not like it at first is because 
I applied quite alot on my lips.
Hence it showed my drying lips line and also a very strong smell.
However after a few tries I realized the lesser gloss I applied, the nicer it looked on me.
It gives a very nice and natural pink ! 
Trust me, it's really nice.

Would I repurchase?
Probably not because of the lemony smell :/ But if you're a lemon person, you should get one.

Good luck (:

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