Friday, April 19, 2013

L'elan Vital Beauty Case for Eyes and Cheeks.

 ' Never ever again underestimate things unless you've tried them
is what I've learnt after trying this product selling in Cosway.
Because honestly these brands that are selling in Cosway aren't that well known 
as compared to the other cosmetics.

However I received this from my aunt's friends who happened to own a Cosway shop,
but they are moving to a bigger place, 
so they gave me PLENTY of new testers !  

And today I NEED to introduce you girls to this new favourite toy of mine . 
L'elan Vital Beauty Case for Eyes and Cheeks 
It's like THE perfect eyeshadow palette every girls should own.

Ahhhh Beautiful casing .
Don't you just love the colours ?!
Close up.

Random swatches.

Some of the colours are matte. Yet some are shimmery.
But don't you just adore it?! 
The colours are so super nice and so wearable !
And I'm telling you I'm loving the pink and peachy blusher too.

Googled this pic. Price is in AUD

You can buy it at any Cosway shop at the price around RM78 ( Maybe even cheaper ) .

Let's get started.

Step 1 : Choose a  matte nude colour .
Paint over the entire lid as drawn.

Step 2 : It depends on your mood and ootd . Today I feel like wearing a very neautral tone.

Dap over the area I've drawn.
Step 3 : Choose a dark brown colour for contouring.
Using an angled brush , apply a small amount on that area. Esp on your double eyeline.
Make it darker at the ends of your double eyelids , it'd really make it more obvious and nicer.
This step of contouring makes a huge difference !
Step 4 : Choose a white eyeshadow.
Apply just underneath your brows to make it more define.
Apply at this small area too to make your eyes appear bigger.
Step 5 : Brush on that blush !
DONE ! (:

First of all , I love how pigmented the eyeshadows are !
2 swaps and you can get it's colour on nicely.
FYI , I have oily lids.
I hate eyeshadows that crease
 ( meaning that you can see a visible line on your lids because 
after a few hours out our lids tend to be oily )

Besides , the lasting power of the eyeshadow and blusher are really good ! 
They can last me the whole entire day out without retouching. 

Would I repurchase ?
YES !!!

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