Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Kanebo T'estimo Essence Pure Rouge

So, a few weeks ago my big aunt gave me this brand new
 Kanebo T'estimo  Essence Pure Rouge in RD-139.

If you do not know, T'estimo is one of the downline of Kanebo's too .

The packaging looks so pretty in this slim silver classy casing.


Ahh how gorgeous.

Pinkish red with that slight shimmer .

Because it's a gift, so I really do not know the exact price.
But I know you can get it at any Kanebo counter at the price more or less around RM80.

Let's get started.

Start off with the naked lips.

Glide it on ! LOVE IT .

Don't forget to wear it with a smile (:
It has a super creamy consistency that seriously glides on your lips effortlessly.
And because it's creamy, it doesn't dry out your lips !
Yet however because it's creamy, it doesnt stay on long ( unless you do not eat/drink for hours? )
I'd need to touch-up my lipstick after every meal but I really wouldnt mind honestly.

Besides, the colour is so preeeeeetty !
Not too shimmery nor glossy.
Very suitable for the natural everyday-look.

 Would I repurchase ?
I don't think so. Because it's kinda expensive :/ but I love this product !

* I am a ultra sucker for lipstick now ! I want to buy lipstick every where I go. Oh god.
 Now I'm eyeing for the Revlon Matte Red lipstick in Really Red. I NEED TO GET IT.

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