Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Etude House Color My Brows

I think everyday I get more and more addicted to cosmetics. 
Everytime I see sales I buy them like a vampire sucking blood. 
Never enough.

Last week while I was window shopping at Gurney Plaza Penang, 
luck was on my side and I freaking saw Etude House was on 1-for-1 sale !

And of course the first thing I grabbed was the Etude Drawing Eyebrow Pencil la 
as you know I am madly in love with.
Then I saw this Color My Brows thingy next to it.
I feel that I need to get this if not I will be sorry. 
And so I took.
I got it in 2 shades ;
Shade 1 ( dark brown ) , Shade 2  ( Light brown )

Usual price RM29.90 each.

However today I'm gonna review on 1 shade only which is Shade 1 ( the dark brown )
It has a mascara-alike packaging.
It's wand. Totally like a mascara's.
How it looks on the skin. It's like a  brown mascara .

 Apparently this thingy is called a Brow Mascara.
So basically what a brow mascara does is that it colors your brow, 
making it more brownish, 
and also makes your eyebrow powder/ pencil last longer throughout the day.

 Let's get started.

As usual, start with a naked brow .
Yes, naked.
What I'll be using is my all time fav " Drawing eyebrow #02 from Etude " , and also our experiment product " Color my brows #1"
So this photo shows I've done one side of my brow with the  " Etude Drawing Eyebrow ". Please click from the side bar to see my eyebrow tutorial if you haven't.
Close up. Basically the Drawing Eyebrow in #02 is kinda on the greyish side. Yet I have dyed brown hair,  so it doesn't really matches.
Make sure the wand has minimal gel on it by scrapping the gel at the side of the tube.
So just brush it in one direction .
Left :  With Color My Brows.                                             Right : Without.
Huge difference eh ?

Viola .

 Basically I feel that with this Color my Brows, 
it gives me a more softer brow
and pulls out a more natural look for me.
 And it does stays on for the entire day for sure.

One thing you really have to take note of is not to apply/brush too much of the gel on the brows 
because it will sort of make your brows clump together and it does look hideous. 
So always remember, just a little gel is enough.

 Would I repurchase ?

 Good luck (:

To buy from Amazon, click below !

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