Friday, April 12, 2013

Maybelline Eyestudio Master Liner Cream Pencil

Maybelline Eyestudio Master Liner Cream Pencil in Brown.
is one of the product which I absolutely love and can't wait to share with you girls! 

I've tried quite a few pencil liner , so far I can say this is the best .

Mine, almost finishing.

I've used for quite awhile hence the wordings faded already. 
But not to worry I've taken a picture from google.

Maybelline Master Liner ( Picture Not mine )

If I were given a choice to choose between black or dark brown liner ,
I'd definitely go for the latter.
Because brown liner look less bold and more natural !
It's like freaking pretty lah.
If you haven't tried before, please please please try now !

Got mine at a Watson sale for less than RM20.

It has a creamy and pigmented consistency that glides on with ease.
After giving a few forceful rubs.

Let's get started.

Naked eyes.

For me , I always like to start drawing my eyeliner from the middle.
From the middle, draw towards the end first.
Then only draw the front part ( nearer to the nose )
I like to draw slightly longer at the ends to make my eyes " pop" .
Less than a minute and we're done .

Why I like this product :

1. Creamy, yet not too creamy. 
If an eyeliner is way too creamy , trust me , it would smudge like madin no time.

2. Long staying hours.
 I'd leave the house early in the morning and coming back home at night with the eyeliner still on it.

3. Smudge proof !! 
Which makes it very suitable for tightlining/waterlining. 
 However I realized whenever I use it to tightline , 
it'd smudge a tiny little bit under my lower lid which can be easily wipe off with a piece of tissue.

4. Not too bold.
Suitable for everyday look without bringing too much attention to the eyes.
Thats how I'd usually wear it with my glasses.

5. Rotating pencil 
Just twist . Super convenient.
No need to sharpen.

6. User friendly for beginners.
Easy to draw. 
Can be easily removed if there's any mistakes.
Girls who are new or suck at drawing eyeliner is adviced to practice with an eyeliner pencil first 
before using the more challenging ones ( Liquid or Gel liner )

*PS : For me , I like to keep my eyeliner thin , because thicker lines make my eyes look smaller.

Would I repurchase?
Definitely !

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