Friday, March 6, 2015

Hoola Benefit Bronzer

I've recently been so hooked to face contouring but I've yet to own a bronzer, hence I went to read tones of reviews of a good bronzer and I decided to get Hoola from Benefit that is quite highly raved! FYI, Hoola is one of the best-selling product from Benefit.

So, what a bronzer does is it adds shadows to your face and therefore make your face appear slimmer (if you do it correctly).  However, you do not want to over contour it else you'll look so weird and unnatural. Like many girls out there, it's not an everyday-essential to my daily make up routine. I only use it when there are occasions or when I really really feel like using it. 

Hoola comes with a brush. It's kinda rough though, but I'm fine with it. 


Swatches : 

Applied Hoola on my cheekbones, some on the temple and on the nose bridge. 




$50 sgd


Matte appearance 
Hoola makes a very good bronzing powder because its matte ! As compared to shimmery bronzers, a matte one would definitely appear more natural when its applied onto the face. 

Average pigmentation 
The bronzing powder is not too highly pigmented, which is good for a natural-looking contour. If it's super pigmented, you'll definitely get a very harsh, un-natural looking line on the cheekbone easily, which you would want to avoid. 

Good longevity 
Stays on the face for the entire day. 


I personally think that it's rather expensive :O

4.5 / 5


Want to get it from Amazon? Click below. 

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