Tuesday, January 7, 2014

C. Michael Permanent Hair Colour in Vivid Violet

Last week I went grocery shopping and I happen to came across the hair dye section.
Since it was already more than 3 months since I last dyed my hair,
plus CNY's just around the corner. 
Well, I thought of getting one (:

My first ever DIY hair dye was from Liese's ( the bubble foam one) 
 and my experience was quite okay,
except the ammonia smell was terrible. 

And after that I wanted to try something different,
so I opted for the Loreal's. 
And it was such a disappointment. 
You can read it from here

So while I was busy choosing which brand to try this time,
a female salesperson came and told me about this brand that I've never heard before,
which is the C. Michael Permanent Hair Colour from London.
However, it's made in Malaysia.

I was kinda skeptical at first as I have yet to seen it being advertised anywhere,
but the salesperson was soooooo good at talking and convincing.
She told me how excellent this product is
 and that a few days ago two caucasians women came back to get more of this hair dye 
after their first purchase.

I have to admit, I was sold
Hence, I got a box for myself too. 

And you know what? 
It turned out to be the best damn thing ever.
I would say this is by far the best DIY hair dye
 that I've ever used !

I think that brown hair are so boring and I wanted something different.
So I went for this C. Michael Permanent Hair Colour in Vivid Violet (5V).
I got mine from Jusco for RM28.90
I have no idea if it's selling in Singapore. 
But you can ask your malaysian friends to get it for you (:

C. Michael Permanent Hair Colour in 5V Vivid Violet


What it comes with
Two hair dying products, One hair conditioner, A pair of plastic gloves and an instruction booklet
Close up
They have only 6 colours available.
After mixing the 2 hair dying products.

Below are photos of me before and after hair dye (:

BEFORE ( A combination of black and brown)
AFTER ( purplish brown)
Under the light ( sorry I have to take this in the toilet ) It looks so purplish here I love it !

Under direct sunlight
I had a few strands of hair being bleached before, and this is how it appears to be ! ( I AM MADLY IN LOVE)

Day 1
Day 4 ( Taken with Mac Book's camera )


It gives what it promises to give on the box, 
I am madly in love and satisfied with the colour !

Does not give me itchy head 
Allergic free (for me)

Minimal Ammonia Smell
I wouldn't say it produces no smell at all, but compared to Liese's, 
this is consider very minimal already. 
( but the salesperson told me no smell at all -.-)

The colour does not run a lot
I've been to the saloon and dyed my hair before 
and when I wash my hair the colour runs a lot
My towel will be stained with colours.
But this, it only comes out a little !

Does not dry out your hair
Don't worry about your hair being dry after the hair colouring.
It doesn't (:

Very Affordable
Less than RM 30 ( which is only around $11sgd ) 
and this product is able to give me such result?!
Boy I have to say this is the best RM28.90 I've spent so far.


My hair drops a little more than usual when shampooing 
Maybe they should provide a little more hair conditioner for people with long hair like me.

Would I repurchase?
The easiest YES so far !! Totally worth of money !!
Very very happy and satisfied with the product and results (:

Good Luck xoxo.


  1. They sold this in Sutera Mall and they had this promotion where you buy the dye and they dye it for you on the spot. I think it was two for RM 56 so quite worth it seeing that you get to have your hair dyed for free. Anyways, nice color!!

    1. Ohh cool ! I should check it out sometime . Thanks for sharing ! (: