Sunday, January 5, 2014

Les mini de chanel brush set

Thank god for birthdays ,
because I actually received The-every-girl's-favourite,  Chanel ( two of them actually ) !
Oh my god…. 

To be honest, I have a huge obsession with pretty paper bags too. 

And there it is (:
Thank you uni friends for the awesome gift. 
You guys know me well enough even if it's just 3 months since we met.

Les mini de chanel brush set / A collection of 6 Chanel's mini brush set

Oh God look how pretty the pouch !

The pouch, the brush set plus a square mirror
Love this instruction sheet inside which teaches you which brush is for what.

The back of the mirror with that pretty Channel icon.

The foundation/blending brush; for application of liquid foundation. 
Conturing/cheek brush.
From left to right; The concealer brush, the eyeshadow brush, the eye contour brush
Lip brush.

Sorry I googled the price for this review hehe. 
I think its around $140sgd ? (:

Pros :

I love chanelllllllllll. 
I mean the packaging is so pretty so classy !
Definitely an eye candy ! 

Small and easy.
Perfect for travelling.

The brushes are sooooo soft !
It's so so so good to use especially the eyeshadow brush.

The foundation brush, my favourite !
Prior to this, I always apply my liquid foundation with my fingers.
But after I started using this foundation brush ( my very first foundation brush),
I'm telling you,
I never want to use my fingers ever again. 
I never knew how important and useful a foundation brush is until now !
It makes your liquid foundation blends so well into the skin 
and you don't have to worry about your foundation being too thick or whatsoever.
To the girls out there who doesn't own a foundation brush, you really need to get one. 


Kinda expensive, to me .
$140 sgd for a mini brush set of 6. 
hmmm I mean personally I wouldn't bear to spend my money on it :/

Lacking of an eyebrow brush
It would be even better if they include an eyebrow brush !
To me it's one of the essentials I cannot go without.

No stand behind mirror 
They should invent a small stand behind the mirror,
More convenient to use mah. 
If not have to use one hand to hold then only left with one hand to makeup :/

Would you repurchase? 
Yes ( provided if i have the money hehe )

Good luck xoxo !

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