Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tony Molly Lip Tint .

Well here's the first product that I'm gonna review on. I recently just found out that Tony Molly is kinda famous for its lip tint. A lip tint is kinda like a lip gloss except its more watery and doesn't contain glitter. I bought mine from Taiwan for around RM30 , in this pomegranate flavour . And below is how the lip tint looks on your skin . It takes a few mins for it to dry out on your lips .

This is a picture of me before and after applying the lip tint . First of all , I really like the smell of it. It has that kind of fruity taste which is very pleasant . I also love how it feels on my lips because it doesn't feel sticky at all ! And most importantly , it can really stay on your lips the whole day ! Like seriously , normally if I apply lipstick , it would be gone after I had my meal . But the staying power of this Lip tint really amazed me . Oh yeah , it also gives the very natural pink lips that every girl wish to have . Trust me , the longer the lip tint stays on your lips , the more nature it will turn out. However , one thing that you need to take note is that it will kinda dry your lips out a little . So remember to apply a layer of lipbalm prior to applying this lip tint.



And this is how my lips look after 4 hours ( after lunch ) . Even more natural right ? So go grab your lip tint now (: 

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