Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Best Lips Combination

Since young, I've witnessed my mum using Lipstick.
So naturally I have this idea that Lipstick are for mature Women.

Not a fan of lipstick,
yet a few months ago I don't know what struck me and I started googling about lipstick.

To be honest,
 I don't usually go for branded cosmetics because I think that drugstore cosmetic are as good as well.
Most importantly, it's so much more afforable.
 Uually those branded cosmetic/products I reviewed on are gifts from friends or relatives ( lucky girl uh ),
unless I really really liked it and I think it's worth the money then I will spend on it.

Alright back to the topic.
I wanted something red/orangy.
So I started googling and read lots of reviews.
And I realized that Revlon has very good quality lipstick.
But it's not all the series that are good.

After much reading, I decided to try on this Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Kiss me Coral.

Its matte. Matte means it has no shimmer or glossiness.

I remember buying it in Watson for around RM30+.
I reckon this is one of the best selling colour.
The first swipe on my lips, I fell in love already.
It's more on the orangy/peachy side yet comes with a lil red
which you can easily wear during the day/ night.

But remember to coat your lips with a layer of Lipbalm prior paiting this on your lips
because it will also dry your lips a lil.
However, it doesnt last very long on your lips.
After your lunch you may want to reapply again :/

And then after using it for awhile,
I thought " Maybe it'll look even better with some shimmer "
And so, I discover the perfect lips combination (:

I bought my Majolica Majorca Honey Pump Gloss quite some time ago from
a Watson sale in Singapore for around $5 only.
I think the usual price is around $12.90.

I totally adore it because it has got that slight shimmer but not glitter.
It doesn't make your lips looked like you just had a chicken wing with all the oil.

Mine is PK122 - colourless but with shimmer

Testing out the lipstick ( left ) and the lipgloss (right ) on my skin.

Let's start the tutorial (:

I like to use a lip applicator because I find it easier to apply espcially around the corner of your mouth.

Start by sharping the lip line first. Then only fill in the remaining area. ( Left is in progress , Right is nude lips)

Done with lipstick.

Swipe that gloss on.

And you're done.

Good luck (:

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