Monday, January 26, 2015

Fresh Lip Treatment (Sugar Stash)

Today's review is going to be about the Fresh Sugar Stash Lip Treatment. I've hadn't heard about it until awhile ago when I made a trip to Sephora and I was so mesmerised by the packaging of the lip balms. Therefore, I started reading reviews about it and finally decided to get it. For me I think what made them so highly raved is because these lip balms come with SPF 15, which are rarely seen in the typical lip balms.  

In this Sugar Stash set, it contains 3 mini tinted lip treatment with SPF 15 which are like lip balms (Cherry , Rosé , Honey) and 3 mini Shine lip treatment which are like lip gloss (Cherry Shine, Rosé Shine , Honey Shine) 


Here comes the lip swatches. I'll go from the lightest to the darkest.

The bare lips

1. Sugar Honey tinted lip treatment with SPF 15 & Sugar Honey Shine lip treatment 

A nude-ish looking shade

2. Sugar Rosé tinted lip treatment with SPF 15 & Sugar Rosé Shine lip treatment

A very natural-looking pinkish shade ( My favourite among the three colours)

3. Sugar Cherry tinted lip treatment with SPF 15 & Sugar Cherry Shine lip treatment 

A red-ish shade, and also the most tinted one.

Where to buy? 

SGD 52 

The packaging of the lip balms are extremely gorgeous and sophisticated 
The metal casing is just perfect and the screw-on cap makes it very secure.

Very moisturising 
I don't really know how to describe but it feels like you've applied a very thicker layer of wax ( in a good way) which really help to moisturise the lips especially on very dry/cracking lips.

Comes with SPF 15
Thats definitely a plus point.

Smells really good
Double plus point. 

The Shine lip treatment are not drying at all
Usually when I apply the typical lipgloss, my lips would peel. But this Shine lip treatment doesn't do that at all. 

Love the small gift-set 
I've always love trial-sized products because it allows me to try them out in different shades without having to buy the actual size one. Besides, it would make the perfect gift with the extremely lovely packaging. 

Not very affordable 
Unless you have trouble looking for an extremely good lip balm for your super dry lips, I feel that the Fresh lip treatment are kinda expensive to be used on a daily basis.  

Short staying power for the Shine lip treatment (Lip Gloss) 
After about 2-3 hours, my lips weren't shinny anymore. I'd have to touch them up. 

Melts easily?
I think I've read from some websites that say that the lip balm would melt easily if it was put under the sun. So when you bring them out just make sure you keep them in a pouch in your bag.

Would I repurchase? 
No, because I think there are cheaper yet good lip balms available in the market.

To buy from Amazon, click below!

Good luck xoxo

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