Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Bifesta Cleansing Lotion in Sebum (Water-based make-up remover)

All along I've been using the Kanebo make-off conditioner to remove my make-up and I've really liked it. A few months ago the bottle was emptied and I started researching for good make-up remover available in the  market. However, because I am still a student, I needed something more affordable. Therefore, a good drug-store make-up remover would be perfect for me. As I was reading tones of reviews, I chanced upon this Japan brand named Bifesta. Apparently their make-up remover was quite highly raved and the reviews about it was pretty amazing. Hence, I decided to give it a go. 

The Bifesta has a series of make-up remover for different skin conditions. If you're wondering which one do you choose, the picture below would be useful to help you decide.

The Moist cleaning lotion is for dry skin, Sebum is for oily skin, Bright-up are for dull skin, and lastly Age care is for ageing skin (Picture not mine, got it from Xiaxue's blog). As my skin is oilier, I chose the Sebum cleansing lotion. One of the many reasons I chose this make-up remover was because I have oily skin, and many a times oil-based make-up remover just makes my skin worst as evident by the oil spots. Therefore, this water-based cleansing lotion has no oily substances in it and after cleaning it with one or two cotton pads, my face feels super clean and non-oily. I usually use about 1-2 pumps to remove my daily make-up.

Furthermore, according to the instructions on the packaging (which I've threw away), it is a 3 in 1 kinda thing; Make-up remover, cleanser, and toner ! There is no need for double-cleansing. It means after using the make-up remover, there is no need to wash your face with a cleanser again and to apply toner. This would be suitable for girls who are slightly lazy to do the extra work especially after a long day out. But for me, I still clean my face with a cleanser and still apply my toner. 

Even after at least three months after I've bought them, I only used about a quarter of it. This bottle of make-up remover can really last me quite awhile I suppose.

Where to buy?
Watson / Sasa

I remembered it was around RM30++

Water-based make-up remover
For me I feel that the water-based ones are better than oil-based because the latter makes my skin feels greasy and oily which might contribute to my oil spots. 

Very gently to the skin
When you filled your cotton pads with it and rub it against your skin, it doesn't sting your face. Plus its very moisturising and I love the after feeling of it ! It makes your skin so clean and hydrated.

Packaging looks good 
Doesn't look cheap for the price your paying and I love the "pump" thingy which is so convenient to use

For a big bottle of make-up remover (300ml), it can last me quite awhile. I feel that it is extremely worth buying it. 

'If only' it doesn't require me to use cotton pads 
I would very much prefer to just pump it on my hands and rub it into my skin. But I guess only oil-based make-up remover could do this as they are not so watery.

Haven't tried on water-proof mascara 
I still use my eye make-up remover for my water-proof mascara and I only use this for my face. Hence,  I'm not too sure if it would work to remove water-proof mascara. 

Would I repurchase? 

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